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dc.contributor.authorTkachenko, P. I.-
dc.contributor.authorStarchenko, I. I.-
dc.contributor.authorBilokon, S. O.-
dc.contributor.authorPrylutskyi, O. K.-
dc.contributor.authorLokhmatova, N. M.-
dc.contributor.authorDolenko, O. B.-
dc.contributor.authorKorotych, N. M.-
dc.contributor.authorVakhnenko, A. V.-
dc.contributor.authorGogol, A. M.-
dc.contributor.authorRezvina, K. Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorТкаченко, Павло Іванович-
dc.contributor.authorСтарченко, Іван Іванович-
dc.contributor.authorБілоконь, Сергій Олександрович-
dc.contributor.authorПрилуцький, Олексій Костянтинович-
dc.contributor.authorЛохматова, Наталія Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorДоленко, Ольга Борисівна-
dc.contributor.authorВахненко, Андрій Вікторович-
dc.contributor.authorГоголь, Андрій Михайлович-
dc.contributor.authorРезвіна, Катерина Юріївна-
dc.contributor.authorКоротич, Наталія Миколаївна-
dc.identifier.citationInsect bites as the cause of infectious and allergic inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area in children / Pavlo I. Tkachenko, Ivan I. Starchenko, Serhii O. Bilokon [at al. ] // Wiadomości Lekarskie. – 2019. – T. LXXII, nr 5 cz I. – Р. 950–955.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractTo attract attention of the medical community to the problem of the complexity of the diagnosis and treatment of these dermatogenic forms of IP MFA. The work is based on the results of 5 year observations of 42 patients with acute IP MFA arising after insect bites, their comprehensive examination and treatment. 1. IP of MFA, arising as a result of insect bites, is a very urgent problem of pediatric surgical dentistry and require an individual approach in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. 2. A large role in preventing the occurrence of these nosological forms is given to medical workers, a sufficient organization level of sanitary and educational work, and the treatment of such cases becomes a common task of doctors of different profiles. However, much depends on the parents, their level of responsibility and competency, ensuring of timely treatment and provision of qualified medical care to children, preventing the development of severe complications. 3. The issues related to the etiopathogenesis of this pathology require profound scientific research.uk_UA
dc.publisherWydawnictwo Aluna, Polskauk_UA
dc.subjectmaxillofacial areauk_UA
dc.subjectin ammationuk_UA
dc.titleInsect bites as the cause of infectious and allergic inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area in childrenuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeУкусы насекомых как причина инфекционно-аллергических воспалительных процессов челюстно-лицевой области у детейuk_UA
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