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Title: Problems of diabetic foot syndrome treatment and possible ways of their solution
Other Titles: Проблеми лікування синдрому діабетичної стопи та можливі шляхи їх вирішення
Проблемы лечения синдрома диабетической стопы и возможные пути их решения
Authors: Kyzymenko, O. O.
Lyakhovskiy, V. I.
Gorodova-Andreeva, T. V.
Liulka, О. М.
Zaporozchenko, O. V.
Кизименко, Олексій Олексійович
Ляховський, Віталій Іванович
Городова-Андрєєва, Тамара Валер'янівна
Люлька, Олександр Миколайович
Запорожченко, Олександр Володимирович
Issue Date: 11-Dec-2018
Publisher: Art of medicine
Citation: Problems of diabetic foot syndrome treatment and possible ways of their solution / O. O. Kyzymenko, V. I. Lyakhovskiy, T. V. Gorodova-Andreeva, O. M. Liulka, O. V. Zaporozchenko // Art of medicine. – 2018. – Т. 4 (8). – С. 98–101.
Abstract: A number of patients with diabetes mellitus worldwide increases with geometric progression, which means that a number of complications increases as well. Diabetic foot syndrome is the leading cause of early disability of patients. Therefore, the search for new therapeutic tactics is a constant process that motivates surgeons and in turn opens new opportunities in the treatment of various forms of purulent-necrotic processes in patients with diabetes mellitus. Therapy with negative pressure is one of the most promising nowadays. A number of conducted randomized clinical trials have already proved its effectiveness in practice. The use of vacuum therapy as an integral component of the combined treatment of purulent-necrotic lesions in diabetic foot syndrome can significantly accelerate reconvalescence and reduce % of high amputations in the future.
Keywords: diabetes mellitus
vacuum therapy of wounds
wound process
diabetic foot syndrome
цукровий діабет
синдром діабетичної стопи
вакуумна терапія ран
рановий процес
сахарный диабет
вакуумная терапия ран
раневой процесс
синдром диабетической стопы
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