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Title: Morfofunctional structure of the skull : study guide
Other Titles: Морфофункціональна будова черепа : методичний посібник
Морфофункциональное строение черепа : методическое пособие
Authors: Svintsytska, N. L.
Hryn, V. H.
Свінцицька, Наталія Леонідівна
Гринь, Володимир Григорович
Свинцицкая, Наталья Леонидовна
Гринь, Владимир Григорьевич
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, Public Institution «Central Methodological Office for Higher Medical Education of MPH of Ukraine», Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine «Ukranian Medical Stomatological Academy»
Citation: Svintsytska N. L. Morfofunctional structure of the skull : study guide / N. L. Svintsytska, V. H. Hryn. – Полтава, 2016. – 170 p.
Abstract: This textbook is intended for undergraduate, postgraduate students and continuing education of health care professionals in a variety of clinical disciplines (medicine, pediatrics, dentistry) as it includes the basic concepts of human anatomy of the skull in adults and newborns.
UDC: 611.714/716
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