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Title: Temperament study applied significance: literary review and own data
Authors: Tkachenko, E. V.
Sokolenko, V. N.
Sidash, Ju. V.
Sartipi, Hamed Nosratolla
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Соколенко, Валентина Миколаївна
Сідаш, Юлія Володимирівна
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Cognum Publishing House
Citation: Temperament study applied significance: literary review and own data / E. V. Tkachenko, V. N. Sokolenko, Ju. V. Sidash, H. N. Sartipi // Scientific achievements of modern society. Abstracts of the 8th International scientific and practical conference, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 1–3 April 2020. – Liverpool : Cognum Publishing House, 2020. – P. 21–27. – URL:
Abstract: The literary review touches the temperament applied significance questions while emphasizing that many diseases and pathological conditions deal to dystemperaments. Also it is discussed the temperament study connection with such typological aspects as ethnic, ethnic-age, ethnic-gender and ethnic-gender-age as well as behavioral strategies. Our personal results demonstrate the connections between interhemispherical asymmetry individual profile and temperament among UMSA students. Eastern approach is different from Russian, Ukrainian one because it often describes not temperament types by themselves but human character separate features.
Keywords: temperament
Persian medicine
typological aspects
ISBN: 978-92-9472-193-8
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