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Title: Suicidal thoughts and behaviours among transgenders: who’s to blame?
Authors: Iengalychev, T. R.
Supervisor: Kostenko, V. G.
Костенко, Вікторія Геннадіївна
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Українська медична стоматологічна академія
Citation: Iengalychev T. R. Suicidal thoughts and behaviours among transgenders: who’s to blame? / T. R. Iengalychev ; scientific adviser : V. G. Kostenko // Тези доповідей 1-ї Міжнародної студентської наукової конференції «International medical students’ conference in Poltava» (IMEDSCOP 2020), м. Полтава, 2–3 квітня 2020 р. – Полтава, 2020. – С. 125.
Abstract: The latest revision of ICD, ICD-11, will come into effect on January 1st, 2022. One of the changes was a complete removal of F. 64 (Transsexualism) group, now classifying its prior content as “gender incongruence” under “conditions related to sexual health”. Transgender people suffer gender dysphoria and society transphobia, these lead them on the verge of mental breakdown and definitely contributes to suicidal behaviour. This paper set its goal in comprehensive analysis of statistical data available in order to find any possible patterns and set the vector for researches.
Keywords: suicidal behaviours
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