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Title: The physiological characteristic system control of working activity in the process of training prospective healthcare professionals
Authors: Petryshyn, O. V.
Shapoval, E. Ya.
Novik, S. M.
Петришин, Олександр Володимирович
Issue Date: May-2019
Publisher: Aluna Publishing.
Citation: Petryshyn O. V. The physiological characteristic system control of working activity in the process of training prospective healthcare professionals / O. V. Petryshyn, E. Ya. Shapoval, S. M. Novik // Wiadomości Lekarskie. – 2019. – T. LXXII, Nr 5, cz II. – P. 1059–1063.
Abstract: In this article the authors O.V. Petryshyn, E.Ya. Shapoval and S.M.Novik claim that nowadays the scientists do not pay enough attention to the development of the essential professional psychophysical qualities of a healthcare professional and do not ascertain the influence of Physical Education on personality features. That is why the study of the problem which provides the adequate level of adaptation, health strengthening and the development of professional psychophysical competence is relevant. Practical research value lies in the development of the program by the authors of the article (which is based on the authentic ideas, henceforth we further will call it as Program) and methodological support material for Physical Education course in order to have an efficient impact on systematic development of students’ psychophysical qualities while using experimental diagnostic methods of estimation of perspective specialists’ technical and tactical background and physical one respectively. We are speaking about the professional physical trainings for students who pursue their degree while studying at the following faculties as Medical Faculty, Pediatrician and Stomatological Faculties where sports playing technics are implemented. The aim - is to define an effectiveness of methodology for diagnostic and estimation of perspective specialists’ physical qualification. Materials and methods. 180 students of UMSA took part in the experiment. They were divided into two groups: the experimental group (EG – 91 students) and the control group (CG – 89 students). To define the level of students’ (EG) readiness index the range of the effective certificated medical biological methods were used. Results. The influence on general physical state index was studied during the implementation of the Program PPPT which stands for Practical Professional Physical Training. This index shows the functional state and psychophysical abilities that is important for professional activity of medical workers. The tests gave us an opportunity to diagnose individual level of physical abilities and control the effectiveness of physical education during PPPT. It is proved that Program implementation propels an improvement of each component of students’ (EG) practical professional physical abilities and functional preparation as well. The effectiveness of given PPPT model was confirmed with the help of statistic changes of general functional preparation. Average index increase is by 25% in students from EG and only by 7,5% in those from CG.
Keywords: higher medical education
professional preparation
psychophysical qualities
diagnostic techniques
ISSN: 0043-5147
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