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Title: Factors influencing on dental surgical pathology distribution: applied and physiological aspects
Authors: Khalafalla, A. M. I.
Tkachenko, E. V.
Sartipi, H. N.
Almagri, A. H.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Київський медичний науковий центр
Citation: Factors influencing on dental surgical pathology distribution: applied and physiological aspects / A. M. I. Khalafalla, E. V. Tkachenko, H. N. Sartipi, A. H. Almagri // Збірник тез наукових робіт учасників міжнародної науково-практичної конференції «Охорона та захист здоров’я людини в умовах сьогодення», м. Київ, 6–7 листоп. 2015 р. – Київ, 2015. – С. 69–73.
Abstract: Surgical dental pathology is rather dangerous problem. That is why scientists from different countries try to help the patients to come through or to prevent such conditions. We met the works of Iranian dentists surgeons about suction cap-induced palatal perforation, palatal fistula in cleft patients in adult patient in part, buccinator flap at palatal fistula , buccinator-based myomucosal flaps , soft palate shwannoma in the 12-yeared girl, maxilla recurrent glandular odontogenic cyst, posterior maxilla glandular odontogenic cyst in the 28-aged man. The glandular odontogenic cyst occurs more commonly in middle-aged people, mostly affecting mandible. Also seldom tumors such as rare benign salivary gland tumor mostly occurring in parotid gland are studied in Iran in part there is a work about the one in 46-yeared man Big new direction is stem cells usage in dentistry in part dental pulp stem cells.
Keywords: dental pathology
nterhemispherical asymmetry
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