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Title: Biological features of the human vital activity
Authors: Yeroshenko, G. A.
Klepets, O. V.
Perederii, N. O.
Vatsenko, A. V.
Ulanovska Tsyba, N. A.
Riabushko, O. B.
Shevchenko, K. V.
Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна
Клепець, Олена Вікторівна
Передерій, Ніна Олександрівна
Ваценко, Анжела Володимирівна
Улановська-Циба, Наталія Аркадіївна
Рябушко, Олена Борисівна
Шевченко, Костянтин Васильович
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Полтава
Citation: Biological features of the human vital activity : training text-book on medical biology (module I) for students of medical and stomatological faculties / G. A. Yeroshenko, O. V. Klepets, N. O. Perederii, A. V. Vatsenko, N. A. Ulanovska-Tsyba, O. B. Riabushko, K. V. Shevchenko. – Poltava, 2021. – 82 p.
Abstract: Textbook for students of the internatonal faculty of training foreign students in the specialty 222 Medicine, 221 Dentistry Training text book includes the tests of the 1st level (with one right answer), tests of the 2nd level with the numerous choice of answers, typical tasks, in accordance with the Program of Medical biology for the students of medical and stomatological faculties of Higher Medical Educational Establishments of III IV levels of accreditation, and also materials for self preparation work. Text book will help students to master theoretical knowledge during audience classes and self dependent preparation to the module control. Methodical edition includes tests from the base of previous years tests of licensed examination «Krok 1» and tests which worked out by teachers of Medical biology departments that will help students to prepare effectively and pass module control as well as licensed examination.
Keywords: students
medical biology
ISBN: 978 617 7464 73 9
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