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Title: Дослідження протягом ХХ століття процесів травлення у шлунку свиней
Other Titles: Investigation of Digestion Processes in the Stomach of Pigs during the Twentieth Century
Исследование на протяжении ХХ столетия процессов пищеварения в желудке свиней
Authors: Юдіна, Ксенія Євгеніївна
Yudina, K.
Юдина, Ксения Евгеньевна
Соколенко, Валентина Миколаївна
Sokolenko, V.
Соколенко, Валентина Николаевна
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Вищий державний навчальний заклад України «Українська медична стоматологічна академія»
Citation: Юдіна К. Є. Дослідження протягом ХХ століття процесів травлення у шлунку свиней / К. Є. Юдіна, В. М. Соколенко // Вісник проблем біології і медицини. – 2015. — Вип. 1 (117). – С.50–54.
Abstract: Відтворення цілісної картини вивчення фізіології травлення в шлунку свиней неможливе без аналізу доробку попередніх дослідників. Та як показав аналіз, незважаючи на значний поступ, досягнутий вченими в розробці теоретичних основ з фізіології травлення тварин, комплексного монографічного дослі- дження їхньої діяльності до цього часу проведено ще не було ; Отображение целостной картины изучения физиологии пищеварения в желудке свиней невоз- можно без анализа работ предыдущих исследователей. Но как показал анализ, не смотря на значительные достижения в разработке теоретических основ по физиологии пищеварения животных, комплексного мо- нографического исследования их деятельности к этому времени проведено еще не было ; The reproduction of a coherent picture of studying the physiology of digestion in the stomach of pigs in the twentieth century is impossible without an analysis of previous research achievements. And as the analysis showed that, despite the significant progress made by scientists in the development of theoretical foundations of animal physiology of digestion, the comprehensive monographic study of their work to date has not yet been conducted. The purpose of research is to implement a scientific-historical analysis of developing the physiology of digestion in the stomach of pigs in Ukraine during the twentieth century. The basic information on the physiology of digestion in pigs we are obliged by scale deep researches of O. D. Syneshchokova and especially O. V. Kvasnytskyi. The latter scientist showed using Pavlov’s method of chronic experiments, that in pigs the role of saliva in the digestive process is more important than in other agricultural animals. In pig stomach an acid reaction, that stops the action of saliva, comes in 10-12 hours. Amylase processes in the stomach of pigs have an important signification. An important event for the development of the digestive physiology of pigs were published works of an academician A. D. Syneshchokova “Physiology of nutrition and daily regime of agricultural animals” (1956), “Biology of the nutrition of agricultural animals” (1965), “Physiological bases of the application of biostimulators for increasing of the effectiveness of using feed-stuffs” (1974), in which the author has submitted the results of its own researches concering the physiological bases of feeding animals, methods of a complex studying processes of digestion and metabolism. He gave specific and age peculiarities of digestion in cattle, sheep and pigs. Moreover, he put forward an opinion concerning metabolic functions of the digestive system of agricultural animals, which is one of the problems of gastroenterology, that has great theoretical and practical importance. Further studies of age peculiarities of secretory and motor functions of the stomach in pigs were carried out by A. M. Starovoitov, A. I. Arhypovets (1955). In particular, they showed that feeding piglets by grain foods at an early age reduces their period of ahlohidriia and increases the secretory function of the stomach. Thus, the historiographical analysis of some aspects of problems gives the grounds to believe that the defining feature of the study of this problem is the fragmentation of previous works. Despite some successes in studing the history of digestive physiology in pigs at the present moment there is no comprehensive coverage with the wide use of historical material. So, it has been summarized the main directions of scientific researches of scientists with the physiology of digestion in the stomach in pigs. It has been expounded in the historical development of the development of a doctrine about anatomical and morphological peculiarities and methods of studing the physiology of stomach, secretion of gastric glands, structure and properties of gastric juice, hydrolysis of food in the stomach, gastric motor activity. It was offered techniques of studing secretion of gastric glands and processes that occur in the stomach (simple chronic gastric fistula, polizond, Mettivskii’s sticks radiokapsuls, ezofahotomiya isolated ventricles, etc.).
Keywords: фізіологія
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