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Title: Формування культури здорового способу життя студентів медичного університету
Other Titles: Формирование культуры здорового образа жизни студентов медицинского университета
Forming of culture of healthy way of life of students of medical university
Authors: Куцак, А. В.
Kutsak, A. V.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Полтавський державний медичний університет
Citation: Куцак А. В. Формування культури здорового способу життя студентів медичного університету / А. В. Куцак // Вісник проблем біології і медицини. – 2018. – Вип. 2 (144). – С. 267–270.
Abstract: У статті розглядаються питання формування здорового способу життя сучасних студентів в умовах вищого навчального закладу. Проаналізовано напрямки і форми роботи зі студентами щодо їх мотивації до збереження та зміцнення здоров’я. Розкрито особливості організації навчання, фізичного виховання та студентського дозвілля як умови гармонійного здоров’язбереження.
В статье рассматриваются вопросы формирования здорового образа жизни современных студентов в условиях высшего учебного заведения. Проанализированы направления и формы работы со студен- тами относительно их мотивации к сохранению и укреплению здоровья. Раскрыты особенности организации учебы, физического воспитания и студенческого досуга как условия гармоничного сохранения здоровья.
The article deals with the questions of formation of a healthy lifestyle of modern students in the conditions of a higher educational institution. The aim of the study. On purpose to study the features of setting up a healthy lifestyle at the student’s youth, an analysis of the measures carried out at Zaporizhzhya State Medical University aimed at saving, supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles of the students was carried out. The object and methods of research. The objects of the research are the students of the medical university on the way of forming a culture of healthy lifestyle. During the work, an analytical method of research was used. Research results and their discussion. The intensification of the process of study, the transition to methods in which students must learn to study solely, increase the component of independent work. The task of the teacher in this aspect is to teach students to think logically, to learn how to work with scientific literature, to process large volumes of information. In preparation for independent work, students have the opportunity to use textbooks provided by the university library, electronic textbooks, tutorials developed by lecturers of department, materials of the Internet, placed in free access, and get advice from any lecturer at the time allocated for this. Preventive programs on the topic of the formation of a healthy lifestyle of student’s youth are developed with the participation of leading teachers of departments of physical education, hygiene and ecology, psychology, sociology, narcology and other specialists. Teachers of the departments systematically curse rooms in the hostels of the university, carried out educational work among students, disputes on the topic of “Drugs: myths and reality”, films about the harmful effects on health and the legal consequences of the use of narcotic substances are shown. On purpose to promote a healthy lifestyle and refusal from bad habits, the University carried out a series of events: book exhibitions, reviews, information days, etc. The book fair “Great Gift - Life!” Is organized in the reading room of the library, where students have the opportunity to get acquainted with modern information about AIDS: its prevention and treatment options. Ukraine continues to be the leader in the spread of this disease. The University campus of ZSMU is located on the picturesque bank of the Dnieper in the parkland. The territory of the town is fenced, well-equipped and cozy, round-the-clock guarded by employees of departmental protection of the university. Housing and hostels of the town are equipped with means of video surveillance and control. Along with academic buildings and student hostels is a stadium with sectors athletics, soccer field, playground for handball, mini football, volleyball, basketball, sports halls, swimming pool, tennis courts, a shooting range for practicing sport shooting, drafts, chess club, a fitness club. For students who like to play musical instruments, sing and dance, the club of amateur performances works at the university. University team “Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted” participates in all-Ukrainian games KVN. Students have a student sports club for physical education at their disposal. The University holds sporting events among the higher educational establishments of 3-4 levels of accreditation of Zaporizhzhya region (football, table tennis, volleyball, mini football, shooting bullets, checkers, chess, swimming, aerobics, basketball, judo, athletics, mountain sport). It should be noted that the importance of the authority of teachers is common for traditional and modern youth at the university. Proceeding from this, the holding of purposeful mass events, such as physical education, sports, tourism, improving the availability of these types of recovery for students, has a positive health-improving effect on the physical, mental and spiritual health of youth. Healthcare-saving education at a higher educational institution is a comprehensive systemic activity of an educational institution that applies in practice various health-saving technologies in order to minimize the impact on the students of the leading risk factors that deteriorate health.
Keywords: здоров’язберігаюча стратегія
формування культури здорового способу життя
студенти медичного університету
здоровьесберегающая стратегия
формирование здорового образа жизни
студенты медицинского университета
health-saving strategy
forming a healthy lifestyle culture
students at a medical university
UDC: 37.015.311.613] -057.875
ISSN: 2523-4110
DOI: 10.29254/2077-4214-2018-2-144-267-270
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