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Title: Results of treatment of edentulous patients with dentures, made of «Vertex ThermoSense» (thermoplastic material)
Authors: Kuz, H. M.
Teslenko, O. I.
Jerys, L. B.
Balia, H. M.
Kuz, V. S.
Кузь, Гельфіра Маліківна
Тесленко, Олександра Іванівна
Єрис, Любов Борисівна
Баля, Геннадій Миколайович
Кузь, Віталій Сергійович
Кузь, Гельфира Маликовна
Тесленко, Александра Ивановна
Ерис, Любовь Борисовна
Баля, Геннадий Николаевич
Кузь, Виталий Сергеевич
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Aluna Publishing
Citation: Results of treatment of edentulous patients with dentures, made of «Vertex ThermoSense» (thermoplastic material) / H. M. Kuz, O. I. Teslenko, L. B. Yerys [et al.] // Widamości Lekarskie. – 2021. – Vol. LXXIV, issure 6. – P. 1433–1438.
Abstract: The aim: The work is devoted to studying the results of treatment of edentulous patients with dentures, made of thermoplastic material “Vertex ThermoSense”. Materials and methods: The non-acrylic thermoplastic plastic “Vertex ThermoSense” was used in our research work. The quality evaluation was carried out with the help of an objective-subjective test “BOFSAS”, determination of biopotentials of masticatory muscles with the help of electromyography and determination of masticatory efficiency according to I.S. Rubinov. Results: It can be noted that the use of the basic thermoplastic material “Vertex ThermoSense” allows to achieve better fixation and stabilization of complete removable prostheses. It is subjectively confirmed by the “BOFSAS” test, objectively – by data of electromyographic studies and time the masticatory test of I.S. Rubinov. Conclusion: We can conclude that adaptation to dentures, made of the basic thermoplastic material “Vertex ThermoSense”, goes in short terms and it is almost painless, based on the results of our studies.
Keywords: “Vertex ThermoSense”
thermoplastic dental materials
complete absence of teeth
ISSN: 0043-5147
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