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Title: The use of case method to study Ukrainian language as foreign in medical higher educational institutions
Authors: Шевченко, Олена Миколаївна
Shevchenko, O. M.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: електронне видання
Citation: Shevchenko O. M. The use of case method to study Ukrainian language as foreign in medical higher educational institutions / O. M. Shevchenko // Science and Education a New Dimension. Pedagogy and Psychology. – 2022. – Vol. X (102), issue 263. – Р. 53–56.
Abstract: This article analyzes the advantages of using the method of specific situations (case method) in medical universities of the foreign student’s professional training. The case method is considered as an educational technologies based on solving specific situations (cases) during classes. Regularities and pedagogical principles of case method implementation in professional training of medical students are revealed. The understanding of the educational situation essence within the use of the case method is described – its need to reflect specific aspects of the future professional activity situation. The requirements for the construction of cases are analyzed on the basis of: sufficiency of data for situation analysis and decision-making; the ability to enter additional data in conditions that lead to changes in strategic and tactical decisions; multivariate achievement of the set goals. The general logic of work within the case method and the algorithm of its application are presented. The results of application of the case method within the research, didactic, communication, diagnostic and applied aspects of its understanding are shown. It is concluded that the use of the method of cases in the training of foreign medical students gives students the opportunity to gain personally meaningful knowledge in situations of professional activities imitation and provides comprehensive communication of the student as a subject of educational and professional activities.
Keywords: case method
case method algorithm
medical student’s professional training
tasks and goals of case method
characteristics of case (educational situation)
UDC: 378.147
ISSN: e-ISSN 2308-1996
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