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Title: Conditions for the implementation of the professional culture of a higher school teacher
Authors: Vladymyrova, Valentyna
Savitskaya, Tatiana
Владимирова, Валентина Іванівна
Савицька, Тетяна Володимирівна
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2022
Publisher: CPN Publishing Group, Barcelona, Spain 2022
Citation: Vladymyrova V. Conditions for the implementation of the professional culture of a higher school teacher / V. Vladymyrova, T. Savitskaya // Eurasian scientific discussions : proceedings of the III International scientific and practical conference, Barcelona, Spain, 10–12 April 2022. – Barcelona : CPN Publishing Group, 2022. – P. 104–110.
Abstract: The development of modern higher education is impossible without understanding the enormous role of culture and education, personal and creative self-realization of the teacher and student. The changes characteristic of modern society in all spheres of human life and activity, the active development of cultural values objectively require the transformation of higher education into an institution of reproduction and the creation of pedagogical culture. But no matter what changes take place in higher education, they all necessarily concern the university teacher, teacher and scientist as carriers of scientific knowledge, cultural and pedagogical experience of society.
Keywords: professional culture
професійна культура
communicative culture
комунікативна культура
professional qualities
професійні якості
pedagogical influence
педагогічний вплив
subjectivation of pedagogical values
суб’єктивація педагогічних цінностей
UDC: 378.091.321:331.102.24
ISBN: 978-84-15927-32-7
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