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Title: Preferencje młodzieży w zakresie wyboru ich partnera życiowego – analiza badań
Authors: Szast, M.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Полтавський державний медичний університет
Citation: Szast M. Preferencje młodzieży w zakresie wyboru ich partnera życiowego – analiza badań / M. Szast // Сучасні тренди розвитку медичної освіти: перспективи і здобутки : матеріали навч.-наук. конф. з міжнар. участю, м. Полтава, 24 березня 2022 р. – Полтава, 2022. – С. 254–261.
Abstract: Indicated text is a research analysis of collected material during the Internet research (CAWI) among adolescents aged 19-25 from the Małopolska Region (mainly Krakow and surrounding areas). The survey was carried out among 822 people at the turn of May and June 2020. The results of a survey conducted among 1020 people in June 2019 were also used. Many interesting correlations were observed in terms of axiology, life preferences in shaping interpersonal relations and choice of behavioral strategies in choosing life partners (love) of the respondents, which is also briefly presented in this text. The research did not employ accidental sampling, so it is not representative, therefore its results will not be generalised to the entire community. The most important element of the research is the presentation of the respondents' opinions on their preferences regarding the selection of a life partner, expectations of the respondents, personality features of a partner, appearance (physical features) or values desired by the respondents in their search for a loved one. Astonishing data includes the axiology of the respondents, their opinions on unwanted pregnancy or parents' interference in the choice of their partner. Furthermore, the reader will come across a response to the subject regarding living together before marriage and the importance of the material status of a partner when pursuing one's own life strategy.
Keywords: partner/partner
life situation
marriage strategy
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