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Title: Taeniasis in various countries: typological aspects and asymmetry taking into consideration
Authors: Tkachenko, E.
Jha, S. K.
Pandey, H.
Bheharam, A.
Al-Madaineh, M.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Edmonton, Canada : International Science Group
Citation: Taeniasis in various countries: typological aspects and asymmetry taking into consideration / E. Tkachenko, S. K. Jha, H. Pandey, A. Bheharam, M. Al-Madaineh // The 6 th International scientific and practical conference «Multidisciplinary scientific notes. Theory, history and practice», Edmonton, Canada (November 01-04, 2022). – Edmonton, 2022. – P. 381–383.
Abstract: The article is devoted to taeniasis - an inflectional disease caused by taenia solium as well as cysticercosis – its another name because the disease’ pathogenic form is cysticerc. The authors paid their attention to the disease essentiality to study while typological aspects taking into obligatory consideration as well as the organs and their parts asymmetry after damage. They gave the examples of ethnic, ethno-age and ethno-gender aspects taking into account. These aspects must deal to ethiology, pathogenesis, clinics, diagnostics, treatment, prevention. It is important that special programs on the disease eradication were and are created in various countries and that they have similarities, common features allowing their applying not only in the countries they are origined from but in the other ones despite ethnic peculiarities in separate cities, towns, villages. Special attention was paid to neurocysticercosis as the dangerous complication and separate disease.
Keywords: Medical Biology
parasite worms
taenia solium
the disease eradication
eradication programs
typological aspects
ethnic typological aspect
ethno-gender typological aspect
ethno-age typological aspect
organ asymmetry
brain ventricles
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