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Title: Peculiarities of blood outflowing through the symmetrical jugular veins from the cats’ brain
Authors: Mardani, Kataki Farzad
Tkachenko, Elena
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: КГМУ им С. И. Георгиевского
Citation: Mardani K. F. Peculiarities of blood outflowing through the symmetrical jugular veins from the cats’ brain / K. F. Mardani, E. Tkachenko ; scientific leader : E. V. Tkachenko // Теоретические и практические аспекты современной медицины : материалы 83-й Междунар. науч.-практ. конф. студентов и молодых ученых, г. Симферополь, 26–29 апреля 2011 г. – Симферополь : КГМУ им. С. И. Георгиевского, 2011. – С. 234–235.
Abstract: The results received demonstrated the erythrocyte membrane deformation asymmetry in cats: erythrocytes from right jugular vein possessed more expressed deformability than from th·3 l^ft one In jugular veins in cats there was the procoagulant and fibrino!ytic erythrocytes features asymmetry. Conclusions. We suppose several possible ways of received asymmetry explaining: morpho- functiona! brain hemispheres and autonomies! nervous system asymmetry (mediators and hormones asymmetry); brain hemispheres, vessel walls b.cchemical asymmetry because of high erythrocyteadsorbtion-desorbtion potential; interrelations between membrane-determined erythrocyte indexes; 4) individual asymmetry profile in animals. We hope, that our work will wide theoretical data about brain circulation and, probably, will help in new approach creating in the stroke treatment - lateral influence on erythrocytic membrane.
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