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Title: Infectious diseases morbidity indexes in a military garrison “desna” for the 11-yeared period
Authors: Saadat, Ahmad Sameer
Ayatollahi, Behzad
Mohammad, Ali Riaza
Plishtiyev, Moisey
Naeimi, Hosseini Amir Human
Supervisor: Tkachenko, E. V.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Полтавський державний медичний університет
Citation: Infectious diseases morbidity indexes in a military garrison “desna” for the 11-yeared period / Ahmad Sameer Saadat, Behzad Ayatollahi, Ali Riazat Mohammad, Plishtiyev Moisey, Hosseini Amir Human Naeimi ; scientific supervisor: E. V. Tkachenko // Актуальні проблеми експериментальної та клінічної медицини : тези доп. 66-ї підсумкової студентської наук. конф., 20 квітня 2010 р. – Полтава, 2010. – С. 86–87.
Abstract: Thus, one-digit dynamics of morbidity on some infectious diseases was absent in a Study Center “DESNA’’ during an account period from 1998 till 2009 but acute respiratory diseases and pneumonia high morbidity was highly-distinguished in winter. We recommend restricting visiting the children to the parents in the places of military service in winter as well as children coming back home especially under extreme epidemic situation like this year.
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