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Title: Individual minute duration determining in UMSA students from moslemic countries
Authors: Ali Riazat, Mohammad
Ashfaq, Anwar
Farzad, Madani
Supervisor: Tkachenko, E. Y.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Полтавський державний медичний університет
Citation: Ali Riazat M. Individual minute duration determining in UMSA students from moslemic countries / M. Ali Riazat, A. Ashfaq, M. Farzad ; scientific supervisor : E. Y. Tkachenko // Актуальні проблеми експериментальної та клінічної медицини : тези доп. 66-ї підсумкової студентської наук. конф., м. Полтава, 20 квітня 2010 р. – Полтава, 2010. – С. 41.
Abstract: IM level was maximal on Wednesday in people from all mentioned countries but mostly - from Iran. Minimal level was on Friday, the least values were for the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia, then for the Syrian. Maximal IM at the Physiology class start was detected for the Iranians and for the Pakistanians, the middle, practically equal level was observed for representatives from all mentioned countries. The least level of IM at the class end and thus the biggest level of fatigueability was for the students from Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Students from Syria, Pakistan and Iran were at practically equal level.
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