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Title: Didactics connection to various academic disciplines while teaching the foreign applicants
Authors: Tkachenko, O. V.
Zhukova, M. Yu.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Жукова, Марина Юріївна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Харківський національний медичний університет
Citation: Tkachenko O. V. Didactics connection to various academic disciplines while teaching the foreign applicants / O. V. Tkachenko, M. Yu. Zhukova // Сучаснi концепцiï викладання природничих дисциплін в медичних освiтнiх закладах : матерiали XV Мiжнар. наук.-метод. iнтернет-конф., 15–16 листопада 2022 р. – Харків : ХНМУ. – С. 107–108.
Abstract: This work was dedicated to discussing the Didactics essence, problems, connections to other academic disciplines such as Didactics, Psychology, Pedagogy, Pedagogical Psychology, Physiology, higher nervous activity Physiology, General Psychology, adaptation psychology, Age Physiology, Age Psychology, Gender Physiology, Gender Psychology, Ethnophysiology, Ethnopsychology, Conflictology while emphasizing to essentiality to perform inter-disciplinary integration with it and therefore during educating process in part the one in the foreign students. Didactics contributes much in academic performance, thus in academic adaptation that represents part of the socio-psychological one. The authors pay attention to distinguishing the cultural, cross- or trans-cultural adaptation and essentiality to use the pedagogical means to help the foreign applicants to reach and save it in the maximal possible extent. Obligatory taking the applicants’ typological belonging into consideration encouraging to inclusive education maximal implementing in the work with the foreign applicants as it was proposed by the United Nations though still concerns to the work with people (mostly children) with special needs primarily or mostly, the tutors’ managing Psychology in part Age Psychology and Age Physiology (because students represent a separate age category), Gender Psychology and Gender Physiology (because male and female students have their own individual peculiarities), Ethnophysiology and Ethnopsychology (there are many research on varieties from different continents, countries and their parts), Differential Psychology (while being able to assess and to interpret correctly the indices of typological belonging such as interhemispherical asymmetry individual profile, temperament type, control locus and behavioral strategies with further obligatory implementing and taking into account in the pedagogical process thus while having necessity to know Pedagogical Psychology rather well) will help the foreign students to reach their multi-facetated adaptation optimally and will help to increase their education in Ukraine. Conflictology is among Social Psychology chapters that must be managed by the teachers in the foreign academic groups rather well.
Keywords: didactics
Pedagogical Psychology
differential Psychology
Social Psychology
higher nervous activity Physiology
higher integrative functions Physiology
General Psychology
adaptation psychology
Age Psychology
Gender Psychology
inter-disciplinary integration
interdisciplinary integration
foreign students
higher education foreign applicants
international students
higher education international applicants
personality development
students’ educating psychological bases
multi-facetated adaptation
multi-facetated adjustment
adaptation patterns
adjustment patterns
social adaptation
social adjustment
psychological adaptation
psychological adjustment
cultural adaptation
cultural adjustment
cross-cultural adaptation
cross-cultural adjustment
trans-cultural adaptation
trans-cultural adjustment
academic adaptation
language barriers
speech preparing
remote education
remote education
control locus internal
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