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Title: Some competencies varieties during the work with the foreign applicants
Authors: Zhukova, M. Yu.
Tkachenko, O. V.
Жукова, Марина Юріївна
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Харківський національний медичний університет
Citation: Zhukova M. Yu. Some competencies varieties during the work with the foreign applicants / M. Yu. Zhukova, O. V. Tkachenko // Сучаснi концепцiï викладання природничих дисциплін в медичних освiтнiх закладах : матерiали XV Мiжнар. наук.-метод. iнтернет-конф., м. Харків, 15–16 листопада 2022 р. – Харків, 2022. – С. 108–110.
Abstract: The authors use the data about competencies’ types while widening the division into the general and the special/professional medical ones by means of looking through the prism of teaching the foreign applicants with cultural, cross- or trans-cultural competencies acquiring during intercultural interrelations and enculturation/acculturation process that can be distinguished as integration (the best), assimilation, separation and margination by J. Berry (2005). There were conclusions about often strong ethnic and cultural intolerance and weak tolerance from the teachers and domestic students to the foreigners in the educational establishments together with other categories of Ukrainian inhabitants in the streets as well as much better academic performance in many foreign students comparatively to the domestic ones. Cross-cultural experience and its exchange were and still remain very helpful significantly to acquire cross-cultural competence by the foreign applicants as soon as possible and as more effectively as possible.
Keywords: foreign students
foreign applicants
domestic students
domestic applicants
academic performance
cultural adaptation
cultural adjustment
cross-cultural adaptation
cross-cultural adjustment
trans-cultural adaptation
trans-cultural adjustment
academic adaptation
academic adjustment
cross-cultural experience
cross-cultural experience exchange
general competence
professional medical competences
special medical competencies
cultural competence
cross-cultural competence
trans-cultural competence
intercultural competence
intercultural interrelations
ethnic identity
ethnic tolerance
ethnic intolerance
cultural tolerance
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