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Title: Face asymmetries dependence on human individual prophile
Authors: Saadat, S. A.
Fazeli, K. M. N
Vojdanifakhr, H.
Supervisor: Tkachenko, E. V.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Вінницький національний медичний університет ім. М. І. Пирогова
Citation: Saadat S. A. Face asymmetries dependence on human individual prophile / S. A. Saadat, K. M. N. Fazeli, H. Vojdanifakhr // Молодь та медицина майбутнього : матеріали міжнар. наук. конф. студентів та молодих вчених, м. Вінниця, 2–3 квітня 2008 р. – Вінниця, 2008. – С. 266.
Abstract: Asymmetry represents important adaptation factor for changeable or non-favorable environmental conditions. Sinistrality belongs to such a phenomenon rate and importance of which got increased during latest years (their amount together with ambidexters is approximately 20%). It is clear now that sinisters have their Own diseases and states (hypersexuality and homosexuality, dyschronoses, logoneuroses in part), other diseases have peculiarities in them (tendency to recidivating, harder and atypical course as well as lethal end bigger percentage). Only nowadays there is a real beginning for special devices usage for left-handers in dentistry. Upper extremities and face asymmetries belong to the ones that are easily to be assessed. It is known that face asymmetry is minimal or even disappear right before the death. Right prophile is one, left prophiles are multiplied if one takes into account combination of other indexes applied for human individual prophile assessment (leadins finger, eye, Napoleon’s probe, applauding probe).
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