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dc.contributor.advisorGancho, O. V.-
dc.contributor.advisorTkachenko, E. V.-
dc.contributor.advisorТкаченко, Олена Вікторівна-
dc.contributor.authorFazeli, Niaki Morteza Kiyan-
dc.contributor.authorVojdanifahr, Hossein-
dc.contributor.authorHoshnudian, Karimi Narges-
dc.identifier.citationFazeli N. M. K. Microbiological status indexes asymmetry impractically healthy people / N. M. K. Fazeli, H. Vojdanifahr, K. N. Hoshnudian ; scientific leaders : O. V. Gancho, E. V. Tkachenko // Актуальні проблеми сімейної медицини : тези доп. Всеукр. студентської наук. конф., м. Полтава, 26 квітня 2006 р. – Полтава, 2006. – С. 89–90.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractAs it is known, asymmetry nowadays is considered to be common biological law. There are morphological, biochemical, functional asymmetries. While topical scientific literature analizing we met data about asymmetry on Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, - Immunology. For example, there exists functional asymmetry in oral cavity (M.Geisler, J. Nadeau, F. Sack, 2000), particularly in salivary glands. There is immune response asymmetry (J. Gruzeiler, A. Clow, P. Evans, 1998). As it is known, oral cavity is considered to be very powerful analizator and it is called somato-sensor analizator. That's why it reacts on different stimuli rather quickly. .And because of the same reason there isboth of nervous and humoral regulative mechanisms influence on oral cavity functionning. There are multiple data according to nervous and humoral system asymmetry in human body (V. Jendrossek, I. Muller, H.Eibl, 2003).uk_UA
dc.publisherПолтавський державний медичний університетuk_UA
dc.titleMicrobiological status indexes asymmetry impractically healthy peopleuk_UA
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