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Title: The impact of health-promoting technologies on university students’ physical development
Authors: Nosko, M. O.
Mekhed, O. B.
Nosko, Yu. M.
Bahinska, O. V.
Zhara, H. I.
Griban, G. P.
Holovanov, I. A.
Голованова, Ірина Анатоліївна
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Aluna Publishing
Citation: The impact of health-promoting technologies on university students’ physical development / M. O. Nosko, O. B. Mekhed, Y. M. Nosko, O. V. Bahinska, H. I. Zhara, G. P. Griban, I. A. Holovanovа // Acta Balneol. – 2022. – T. LXIV, № 5 (171). – P. 469–473.
Abstract: Aim: To investigate the impact of training sessions on the ground of health-promoting technologies upon students’ physical development in higher educational institutions. Materials and Methods: A group of 50 female students aged 17 to 22 was under our observation for a year. All of them were divided into the experimental (E) and the control (C) groups. The E group female students (n=25) were regularly involved in training sessions using healthpromoting technologies, the C group female students (n=25) did not take part in this type of activities. Results: The positive impact of training sessions based on health-promoting technologies upon the physical development of the E group students was revealed. A significantly better level of strength and flexibility development was noted in the E group students, compared to the C one. A statistically significant difference was found after the experiment in the E group students’ indicators of static balance, vestibular stability, accuracy of assessment of strength, time and spatial parameters of movements. Conclusions: A rationally constructed system of training sessions based on health-promoting technologies stimulates biological processes, supports the functioning of both individual organs and the students’ body as a whole. This will contribute to strengthening students’ health, increasing their motor activities, improving the efficiency of both learning and future professional activities.
Keywords: health-promoting technologies
physical development
motor qualities
ISSN: 2082-1867
DOI: 0.36740/ABAL202205116
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