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Title: Modern principles of medical rehabilitation of patients with median defects of the abdominal wall
Authors: Lysenko, R. B.
Liakhovskyi, V. I.
Krasnov, О. H.
Krasnova, O. I.
Лисенко, Руслан Борисович
Ляховський, Віталій Іванович
Краснов, Олег Георгійович
Краснова, Оксана Іванівна
Issue Date: Sep-2022
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Aluna
Citation: Modern principles of medical rehabilitation of patients with median defects of the abdominal wall / R. B. Lysenko, V. I. Liakhovskyi, О. H. Krasnov, O. I. Krasnova // Acta Balneol. – 2022. – T. LXIV, Nr 5 (171). – P. 408–411.
Abstract: Aim: Toanalyze rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life of patients with median abdominal wall defects (MAWD) by increasing the efficiency of alloplasty by determining the general principles of planning and performing surgical interventions. Materials and methods: We carried out an analysis of the treatment results of 346 patients with MAWD, who underwent surgery in the 1st Poltava City Hospital for the period 2005-2019. There were 269 women (77.8%), men – 77 (22.2%). 282 (81.5%) patients underwent reconstructive surgeries, 59 (17.1%) – reconstructive and corrective alloplasty techniques, and 5 (1.4%) – corrective ones. Patients underwent surgery: onlay – in 3 patients (0.9%), sublay – in 289 (83.5%), sublay-inlay – in 38 (11.0%), inlay – in 4 (1.2%), Ramirez modification – in 10 (2.9%), open IPOM – in 2 (0.6%). Results: Local complications were in 25 (7.2%) cases: seroma in 12 (3.5%) patients, infiltrate in 5 (1.5%), necrosis of the edges in 4 (1.2%), hematoma – in 3 (0.9%), wound suppuration – in 1 (0.3%). In the remote period, 14 (4.1%) were registered: recurrence – 7 (2.0%); longterm deep seroma- 3 (0.9%); ligature fistulas with phlegmon – 2 (0.6%); abscess formation – 1 (0.3%), hernial sac infiltration – 1 (0.3%). Conclusions: The results of MAWD alloplasty depend on the correct solution of the planning problem and the choice of the most rational treatment tactics. Adequate abdominoplasty leads to an improvement in the quality of life of patients, medical and social rehabilitation.
Keywords: rehabilitation
median defects
abdominal wall
ISSN: 2082-1867
DOI: 10.36740/ABAL202205105
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