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Title: Diabetes therapy in wartime conditions
Authors: Muravleva, O. V.
Pikul, K. V.
Shaienko, Z. O.
Муравльова, Оксана Василівна
Пікуль, Катерина Вікторівна
Шаєнко, Златослава Олексіївна
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Scientific Publishing Center “”
Citation: Muravleva O. V. Diabetes therapy in wartime conditions / O. V. Muravleva, K. V. Pikul, Z. O. Shaienko // Modern research in world science : Proceedings of XI International Scientific and Practical Conference, Lviv, Ukraine 29–31 January 2023. SPC “”. – Lviv, 2023. – Р. 119–121.
Abstract: The article highlights the most urgent problem of endocrinology - diabetes mellitus (DM), which is spreading at a catastrophic rate, becoming a real epidemic of the XXI century. Metformin is a hypoglycemic drug that has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of type 2 diabetes for many years. Therefore, it is metformin that is stable in the choice of the drug of the first line of glucose-lowering therapy. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases characterized by metabolic disorders as a result of many pathophysiological processes. The leading pathophysiological disorder of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance of muscle and adipose tissue together with pancreatic β-cell dysfunction. Further processes take place in adipose tissue, organs of the gastrointestinal tract, α-cells of the pancreas, and kidneys. All this leads to the development of chronic hyperglycemia.
Keywords: diabetes mellitus
type 2 diabetes
chronic hyperglycemia
UDC: 001.1
ISBN: 978-966-8219-86-3
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