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Title: Systematic review on saliva biomarkers in patients diagnosed with morbus Alzheimer and morbus Parkinson
Authors: Wolgin, Michael
Zobernig, Magdalena
Dvornyk, Valentyn
Braun, Ralf J.
Kielbassa, Andrej M.
Дворник, Валентин Миколайович
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2022
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Systematic review on saliva biomarkers in patients diagnosed with morbus Alzheimer and morbus Parkinson / M. Wolgin, M. Zobernig, V. Dvornyk, R. J. Braun, A. M. Kielbassa // Biomedicines. – 2022. – № 10. – С. 1702.
Abstract: Extracellular plaques composed of the hydrophobic peptide amyloid-β and intraneuronal accumulation of the hyperphosphorylated protein tau (p-tau) are pathological hallmarks found in the brains of most people affected by Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In Parkinson’s disease (PD), Lewy bodies, i.e., intraneuronal protein deposits comprising the protein α-synuclein, are a typical disease feature. As these hallmarks located in the brain are hardly traceable, reliable biomarkers from easily accessible body fluids are key for accurate diagnosis. The aim of the present work was to review the available literature regarding potential biomarkers of AD and PD in the saliva. The databases PubMed, Google Scholar, LILACS, LIVIVO, VHL regional portal, Cochrane Library, eLIBRARY, and IOS Press were consulted for the literature search. Screening of titles and abstracts followed the PRISMA guidelines, while data extraction and the assessment of full texts were carried out in accordance with the Newcastle–Ottawa Scale assessment. The review shows significant increases in levels of the amyloid-β Aβ1-42 and elevated p-tau to total tau (t-tau) ratios in salivary samples of AD patients, in comparison with healthy controls. In PD patients, levels of α-synuclein in salivary samples significantly decreased compared to healthy controls, whereas oligomeric α-synuclein and the ratio of oligomeric α-synuclein to total α-synuclein markedly increased. Salivary biomarkers represent a promising diagnostic tool for neurodegenerative diseases. Further high-quality case–control studies are needed to substantiate their accuracy.
Keywords: Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
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