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Title: Threat of diphtheria outbreak in Ukraine in the period of war time
Authors: Pikul, K.
Ilchenko, V.
Muravleva, O.
Пікуль, Катерина Вікторівна
Ільченко, Валентина Іванівна
Муравльова, Оксана Василівна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Kraków, Republic of Poland : European Scientific Platform
Citation: Pikul K. V. Threat of diphtheria outbreak in Ukraine in the period of war time / K. Pikul, V. Ilchenko, O. Muravleva // Theory and practice of modern science : collection of scientific papers «SCIENTIA» with Proceedings of the IV International Scientific and Theoretical Conference, Kraków, Republic of Poland, 28 October, 2022. – Kraków : European Scientific Platform. – P. 167–168.
Abstract: The relevance of the topic is determined by the priority and importance of preserving the health of Ukrainian population by improving the current rate of vaccinated in іdividuals against diphtheria. Diphtheria is assigned to one of the dangerous and life-threatening diseases in humans. Immunization is the only means of creating a favorable epidemic situation. Ensuring of nonsusceptibility of people to this infection prevents the incidence and spread of diphtheria in the population.
UDC: 001(08)
ISBN: 979-8-88796-795-0
DOI: 10.36074/scientia-28.10.2022
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