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Title: Особливості нормативного наголошування фахової лексики стоматологів
Other Titles: Features of the normative word stress of the dentist’s professional vocabulary
Authors: Лещенко, Тетяна Олександрівна
Жовнір, Марина Миколаївна
Leshchenko, T.
Zhownir, M.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Інститут української мови НАН України
Citation: Лещенко Т. О. Особливості нормативного наголошування фахової лексики стоматологів / Т. О. Лещенко, М. М. Жовнір // Культура слова. – 2022. – Вип. 96. – С. 239–252.
Abstract: Проаналізовано специфіку наголошування лексики в межах стоматологічного дискурсу. Здійснено спробу проаналізувати наукову мову стоматологічної сфери, висвітлити характерні особливості наголошування фахової мови стоматологів, детально схарактеризувати найпоширеніші акцентуаційні помилки в їхній професійній комунікації. Вирізнено й охарактеризовано випадки неправильного й недоречного послуговування акцентом у фахових термінах. Запропоновано нормативні варіанти акцентуації високочастотних терміноодиниць стоматологічної галузі.
The professional language of health-care professionals, in particular dentists, falls within the purview of the authors of the article under consideration. Based on the results of the examination of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the language of the academic sphere standardization and taking into accordance general study of discursive fragments, as well as observation of oral scientific speech, the state of observance of the norms of word stress in the field of dentistry has been investigated. The paper emphasizes that the correct usage of accents is essential. Additionally, the іmportance of the correct and normative interpretation by the researcher of scientific facts, the latest theories and hypotheses has been noted. The theoretical and methodological foundations of the standardization of the language of science has been highlighted, and the specifics of stress in the vocabulary of dental discourse bas been analyzed. In addition to this, the specifics of normative and non-normative word usage in modern written scientific speech have been interpreted. The authors of the article also attempt to analyze the scientific speech of the dental field, describe the characteristic features of the emphasis of the professional language of dentists, and present in details the most common accentuations and mistakes in their professional speech. Furthermore, cases of incorrect and inappropriate usage of professional terms stress have been compared and characterized. Based on the analysis of the source material, normative options for the accentuation of high-frequency terminology units in the dental industry have been proposed. The expediency of analyzing the correspondence of dental scientific speech to the basic communicative qualities of speech, accent, and lexical, grammatical and other norms of the modern Ukrainian literary language has been done. The research has been presented within the anthropocentric scientific paradigm. The work uses both general scientific (induction, deduction, analysis, synthesis, observation, comparison, generalization) and linguistic methods and techniques proper.
Keywords: стоматологічний дискурс
мовна норма
акцентуаційна норма
dental discourse
language norm
accent norm
UDC: 81’276.6:31.:81’342.8/9
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