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Title: Difficulties in diagnosing gastrointestinal allergy in paediatric practice: a clinical case
Other Titles: Труднощі діагностики гастроінтестинальної алергії в педіатричній практиці: клінічний випадок
Authors: Крючко, Тетяна Олександрівна
Бубир, Людмила Миколаївна
Пода, Ольга Анатоліївна
Несіна, Інна Миколаївна
Коваленко, Ляна Андріївна
Матяж, Дар'я Сергіївна
Kryuchko, T. O.
Bubyr, L. M.
Poda, O. A.
Nesina, I. M.
Kovalenko, L. A.
Matiazh, D. S.
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Дніпровський державний медичний університет, Донецький національний медичний університет, Заславський О. Ю.
Citation: Difficulties in diagnosing gastrointestinal allergy in paediatric practice: a clinical case / T. O. Kryuchko, L. M. Bubyr, O. A. Poda, I. M. Nesina, L. A. Kovalenko, D. S. Matiazh // Здоров’я дитини. – 2022 – Т. 17, № 8. – С. 49–53.
Abstract: Since allergy pathology in the structure of general somatic diseases occupies a significant niche in both adult and child populations and is accompanied by a number of unresolved issues, it represents a major medical and social problem. The use of modern diagnostic techniques has made it possible to broaden scientists’ knowledge of the in-depth mechanisms of the pathogenesis of allergic diseases with the subsequent development and implementation of new diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic recommendations. However, the multidisciplinary aspects of paediatric allergy continue to be studied; among them, the problems of specific diagnosis of food allergy are of particular importance. Recently, the study of allergic lesions in the various parts of the gastrointestinal tract has received increasing attention in paediatric practice. Since in most cases the mucosa of the digestive system is the first to contact with allergens of various nature, the gastrointestinal form ranks second in the overall structure of clinical symptoms of food allergy. Gastrointestinal symptoms of food allergy are characterized by polymorphic manifestations, making timely verification of the diagnosis difficult. This leads to prolonged differential analysis and requires the exclusion of concomitant organic and functional gastrointestinal pathology, which delays early diagnosis and timely therapeutic recommendations for patients with food allergy. The relevance of the above-mentioned problem is highlighted by the following clinical case.
Keywords: food allergy
харчова алергія
UDC: 616.33/.34-002.8-053.2
ISSN: 2307-1168
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