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Title: Interdisciplinary integration between Physiology, Hygiene and Ecology as academic disciplines used during the educative process
Authors: Tkachenko, O. V.
Fedotenkova, N. M.
Prylipka, K. O.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Федотенкова, Наталія Миколаївна
Приліпка, Катерина Олегівна
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Bilbao, Spain
Citation: Tkachenko O. V. Interdisciplinary integration between Physiology, Hygiene and Ecology as academic disciplines used during the educative process / O. V. Tkachenko, N. M. Fedotenkova, K. O. Prylipka // The articles of the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Implementation of Modern Scientific Opinions in Practice”, Bilbao, Spain, March 20-22, 2023. – Bilbao, 2023. – P. 162–165.
Abstract: The authors emphasizes to essentiality to study Physiology, Hygiene and Ecology while using wide interdisciplinary integration in the ranges of such chapters as Military Hygiene, Feeding Hygiene, Blood System Physiology, Maxillary-facial area Physiology, Energy Exchange Physiology, Soils and Water Hygiene, Digestive System Physiology, Sensory systems Physiology (visual and auditory sensory systems physiology as its parts), Respiration Physiology, Ecology, Air Hygiene and Air Hygiene. Military Hygiene represents not only Hygiene part but can be thought as a separate academic discipline managing of which is so important nowadays and is performed by medical students.
Keywords: physiology
interdisciplinary integration
multidisciplinary integration
military hygiene
feeding Hygiene
blood system physiology
maxillary-facial area physiology
energy exchange physiology
soils hygiene
water hygiene
digestive system physiology
physical trainings hygiene
sensory systems physiology
visual sensory system physiology
auditory sensory system physiology
respiration physiology
rational feeding systems
general energy metabolism
feeding regimes
basal metabolism
basal energy metabolism
basal exchange
basal energy exchange
necessary basal metabolism
tables of Harris-Benedict
working addition
mineral salts
maxillary-facial area
oral cavity
reflexogenic zones
autonomic nervous system
vegetative nervous system
tooth decay ethiology
organism proaggregant potential
fibrin degrading products
blood coagulation regulation
feedings systems
peroxidative lipids oxidation
eyes physiology
ears physiology
necessary basal metabolism estimation
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