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Title: More expressed intra- and interdisciplinary integration applying during the educative process with the foreign applicants
Authors: Mistchenko, I. V.
Zhukova, M. Y.
Tkachenko, O. V.
Міщенко, Ігор Віталійович
Жукова, Марина Юріївна
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Полтавський університет економіки і торгівлі
Citation: Mistchenko I. V. More expressed intra- and interdisciplinary integration applying during the educative process with the foreign applicants / I. V. Mistchenko, M. Yu. Zhukova, O. V. Tkachenko // Ресурсно-орiєнтоване навчання в 3D: доступнiсть, дiалог, динамiка : зб. тез доп. III Мiжнар. наук.-практ. iнтернет-конф. (м. Полтава, 22-23 лютого 2023 р.). – Полтава : ПУЕТ. – С. 834–838.
Abstract: Foreign applicants prefer using the intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary integration much more often and in much more significant extent comparatively to the domestic ones. Conjugative reflexes between separate organism systems, particularly between the cardiovascular and the respiratory one must be taken into obligatory consideration. The authors paid and pay much attention at our lessons in the foreign groups to describing the common defensive system including non-specific and specific humoral and cellular mechanisms, inflammation system, kallikrein-kinine system, antioxidative system, vascular-platelet (primary, microcirculative) hemostasis, coagulational (secondary, blood coagulation) hemostasis, primary and secondary anticoagulants, fibrinolytic system, particularly in Dentistry. The representation about hypothalamic-hypophyseal-suprarenal system was widened till hypothalamic-hypophyseal-suprarenal-gonadal-pancreatic. The article contains description of interconnections between hemostasis, inflammation, pain reactions as well as the ones of vascular tone regulating, neuroendocrine-immune interactions, in part, cytokines and cytomedines role in the organism under physiological and pathological conditions.
Keywords: student-centered education
individualized education
domestic students
foreign students
higher education International applicants
International students
International applicants
dental students
stomatological faculty students
International faculty students
International faculty applicants
inclusive education
maximal individualized approach to study
foreign students adaptation
International students adaptation
higher education International applicants adaptation
academic adaptation
foreign students academic adaptation
International students academic adaptation
hemostasis anticoagulative link peculiarities in maxillary-facial area
hemostasis anticoagulative link peculiarities in oral cavity
fibrinolysis in maxillary-facial area
fibrinolysis in oral cavity
hemostasis fibrinolytic link in maxillary-facial area
hemostasis fibrinolytic link in oral cavity
saliva role in hemostasis
saliva role in blood coagulation
salivary procoagulants
conjugative reflexes of respiratory and cardiovascular system
peridentitis and parodontitis aggressive course at caries
maxillary-facial area excretory function
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