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Title: Lectinochemical characteristics of rat normal masticatory oral mucosa
Authors: Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна
Ерошенко, Галина Анатольевна
Yeroshenko, G. A.
Тимошенко, Юлія Володимирівна
Тимошенко, Юлия Владимировна
Timoshenko, Yu. V.
Казакова, Катерина Станіславівна
Казакова, Екатерина Станиславовна
Каzakova, K. S.
Єрошенко, Анастасія Ігорівна
Ерошенко, Анастасия Игоревна
Yeroshenko, А. I.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Citation: Lectinochemical characteristics of rat normal masticatory oral mucosa / G. Yeroshenko, Yu. Timoshenko, K. Каzakova, A. Yeroshenko // Fundamental and Applied Studies in the Modern World : The XV International Academic Congress, 06-08 September 2016 : Proceedings of the Congress, United Kingdom, Oxford, Oxford, 2016. — P. 207–211.
Abstract: Lectinochemical method of study has established the features of receptors’ allocation in the lectins’ panel on the cells and basal lamina of the epithelial mucous lamina of the alveolar gingiva and glandular area of the hard palate. It has been found that the level of lectin receptors’ expression in the gingival epithelium for galactose-specific lectins in the hard palate carbohydrate determinants is almost absent, though a layer of horny scales is the most sensitive. The largest number of receptors has been found for sialo-specific lectins. Higher degree of expression of carbohydrate determinants, especially for mannose- and sialo-specific lectins has been detected in the epithelial lamina of the hard palate, as compared with gums.
Keywords: lectins
carbohydrate receptors
oral mucosa
ISBN: 978-0-875-86396-7
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