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Title: Research of the protection actions of derived 2-oxoindole in acute stress
Other Titles: Korekcja niepokoju patologicznego oraz zaburzeń stresowytwórczych uwaronkowuje kształcenie nowych antyksyolityków, załaszcza wśród pochodnych kwasów 2-oksoindolyna-3-glioksyla.
Исследование защитного действия производного 2-оксоиндола при остром стрессе
Дослідження захисної дії похідних 2-оксоіндоліу при гострому стресі
Authors: Луценко, Руслан Володимирович
Луценко, Руслан Владимирович
Lutsenko, R.
Вахненко, Андрій Вікторович
Вахненко, Андрей Викторович
Vakhnenko, A.
Власова, Олена Вікторівна
Власова, Елена Викторовна
Vlasova, E.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Aluna
Citation: Lutsenko R. V. Research of the protection actions of derived 2-oxoindole in acute stress // R. V. Lutsenko, A. V. Vakhnenko, E. V. Vlasova // Wiadomosci Lekarskie. ‒ 2017. ‒ T. LXX, №1. ‒ Р. 57‒61.
Abstract: Correction of pathological anxiety and stress level of frustration leads to the development of new anxiolytics, notably including derivatives of 2-oksoyndolyn-3-hlyoksylic acid. The purpose of work – to study the effect of 2-oksyindolin-3-hlyoksylic acid on emotional and behavioral reactions of rats subjected to behavioral stress tests of different averiability. Materials and methods research In experiments on 150 white mature male rats Wistar investigated the effects of 2-oksoindolin (2-hydroxy-N-naphthalene-1-yl-2-(2-hydroxy-1,2-dihydro-indole-3-ylidene)-acetamide) with laboratory codes 18 when intraperitoneally administered to acute immobilization stress on Sel'ye on emotional and behavioral responses of animals to test «open field», «a raised cross maze» and test «conflict behavior» (option Vogel). Results of the study Established that the prophylactic use of the compound 18 in a test of "open field" warned the stress changes in the latent period of the first movement, likely increased the number of exits to the center installation, warned breach vertical and horizontal motor activity and significantly increased the number of acts of grooming and reduced the number of boluses compared with stress without correction. Revealed changes suggest that the substance 18 prevents anxiety disorders conduct stress genesis. In the test «a raised cross maze» of 2-oksoindolin significantly increased the number of outputs rats in open arms maze and reduced the number of fecal balls compared with those in the control disorders. In the study antyconflict action found that the compound increased the number of approaches to the drinkers, but the activity in this test yielded diazepam. Conclusion. Installed conservation action anksyolityc 2-hydroxy-N-naphthalene-1-yl-2-(2-hydroxy-1,2-dihydro-indole-3-ylidene)-atsetamidu acute stress may be associated with indirect stimulation of GABA – benzdiazepin receptor complex, by strengthening endogenous GABA affinity to the receptors and/or indirect stimulation of GABA receptors by other neurotransmitter systems, including serotonergic, which makes compounds for further study the possibility of post stress with anxiety disorders.
Keywords: 2-oksoindolin
acute stress
anxiolytic effect
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