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Title: Hybrid Hydrogel Materials with Incorporated Nanoparticles
Authors: Samchenko, Yu. M.
Kryklia, S. O.
Poltoratska, T. P.
Ischeykina, Yu.
Makarenko, V. I.
Sukhodub, L. F.
Konovalova, V. V.
Іщейкіна, Юлія Олексіївна
Макаренко, Володимир Іванович
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Hybrid Hydrogel Materials with Incorporated Nanoparticles / Y. M. Samchenko, S. O. Kryklia, T. P. Poltoratska [et al.] // Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties (NAP-2013) : 2-nd International conference, Alushta, the Crimea, September 17-22, 2012 / Edited by: A. Pogrebnjak. – Sumy : Sumy State University, 2013. – V. 2, N 3. – 03NCNN30. – Режим доступу:
Abstract: Synthesis and physico-chemical studies of new promising hybrid hydrogels based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) acetales and copolymer hydrogels based on vynil monomers have been studied. Acrylamide and Acrylnitrile were used as some of components that carry various fillers . Sponge acetales of polyvinyl alcohol were used as enforcing net. The synthesized composites demonstrated high strength as compared to standard hydrogels- Yung-module varied in the range of 80 to 300 kPa depending on the extent of PVA acetale matrix filling with hydrogel component. The materials showed high sorbability to water and water solutions. Study of swelling kinetics as compared to solvents of various nature (water, ethanol, sunflower oil ) was carried out.
Keywords: Hydrogels
Polymer Composites
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