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dc.contributor.advisorДоброскок, Віталіна Олексіївна-
dc.contributor.authorTkachenko, P.-
dc.contributor.authorDobroskok, V.-
dc.contributor.authorKorotich, N.-
dc.contributor.authorKolisnyk, I.-
dc.contributor.authorТкаченко, Павло Іванович-
dc.contributor.authorКоротич, Наталія Миколаївна-
dc.contributor.authorКолісник, Інна Анатоліївна-
dc.identifier.citationDifferences in clinical manifestations of odontogenic and non-odontogenic lymphadenitis / P. Tkachenko, V. Dobroskok, N. Korotych, I. Kolisnyk // Wiadomosci Lekarskie. – 2017. – T. LXX, № 5. – P. 930–933.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: The acute suppurative lymphadenitis and its chronic forms prevail in the structure of inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area in children. High incidence of the acute and chronic forms of lymphadenitis of both odontogenic and nonodontogenic origin is caused by the anotomophysiological peculiarities of the structure of the teeth and soft tissues in children in different age periods. The aim: The paper was aimed at comparison of clinical manifestations of the acute and chronic odontogenic and non-odontogenic lymphadenitis. Materials and Methods: The results of the checkup and 5-year-period treatment of 324 children with the acute and chronic forms of the nonspecific lymphadenitis of the maxilifacial area have been used. Four study groups have been formed. The first and the second group included 16 (38,0%) and 26 (62%) children with the acute submandibular suppurative lymphadenitis of the odontogenic and nonodontogenic origin, respectively. 12 (35,3%) and 22 (64,7) individuals with chronic hyperplastic lymphadenitis have been assigned to the third and the fourth group, respectively. Results: The clinical course of the acute submandibular suppurative lymphadenitis of various etiologies is different. Rapid development of the local clinical manifestations with its dramatic progressing is specific to odontogenic lymphadenitis. Its clinical course is characterized by the more apparent overall response of the body, increase of the body temperature, and these symptoms are more manifested than in nonodontogenic lymphadenitis. The clinical course of chronic hyperplastic lymphadenitis is accompanied by the enlarged regional lymph nodes of various size and shapes and dense-elastic consistency. Clinical manifestations of nonodontogenic lymphadenitis were less apparent and the overall sate was normal in both forms of lymphadenitis. Conclusions: Nonodontogenic lymphadenitis prevailed in all nosological forms of the acute and chronic nonspecific lymphadenitis.uk_UA
dc.publisherWydawnictwo Alunauk_UA
dc.subjectmaxillofacial areauk_UA
dc.subjectclinical manifestationsuk_UA
dc.titleDifferences in clinical manifestations of odontogenic and non-odontogenic lymphadenitisuk_UA
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