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Title: Basic principles of arch prosthetics
Authors: Korol, D. M.
Korol, M. D.
Kindiy, D. D.
Korobeinikov, L. S.
Odzhubeiskaia, O. D.
Kozak, R. V.
Maliuchenko, T. P.
Kindiy, V. D.
Dorubets, A. D.
Король, Дмитро Михайлович
Король, Михайло Дмитрович
Кіндій, Дмитро Данилович
Коробейніков, Леонід Сергійович
Оджубейська, Ольга Дмитрівна
Козак, Руслан Васильович
Малюченко, Тетяна Петрівна
Кіндій, Віктор Данилович
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: ФОП-Мирон І.А.
Citation: Basic principles of arch prosthetics : manual for students of Dental faculties of Higher Medical Educational Establishments of IV accreditation level / D. M. Korol, M. D. Korol, D. D. Kindii [et al.]. – Poltava, 2017. – 120 p.
Abstract: The development of prosthetic dentistry provides improvement of different dental prostheses to increase the level of dental care efficiency. The manual is aimed to provide comprehension of the present day views on the arch prostheses production considering theoretical and practical value of classical techniques. The manual contains the programme material on prosthetic dentistry educational discipline and concerns the issues discussed in the section «Arch prosthetics». The current methods of arch prostheses fixation are widely covered in the manual as well as planning approaches and prosthesis design choice. Particular attention is paid to the basic technological stages of prostheses manufacturing. The text is illustrated with the color drawings improving the presented material comprehension, the list of questions is directed on self-control of acquired knowledge. The authors will be sincerely grateful to colleagues for constructive remarks and useful suggestions in improving the presented material. Authentic translation from Ukrainian Language.
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