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Title: The evaluation of teeth loosening of the upper jaw in adaptive period of orthodontic treatment by braces
Authors: Dovzhenko, A. V.
Kuroedova, V. D.
Halych, L. B.
Довженко, Андрій Віталійович
Куроєдова, Віра Дмитрівна
Галич, Людмила Борисівна
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Aluna
Citation: Dovzhenko А. V. The evaluation of teeth loosening of the upper jaw in adaptive period of orthodontic treatment by braces / А. V. Dovzhenko, V. D. Kuroedova, L. B. Halych. // Wiadomosci Lekarskie. – 2018. – № 1. – С. 123–127.
Abstract: Introduction: Tooth loosening is divided into physiological and pathological one, but there is tooth loosening that occurs during orthodontic treatment (OT) and depends on the tissues of parodontium and strength of orthodontic apparatus. The aim of the research is to evaluate teeth loosening of the upper j aw during adaptive period in patients with permanent bite who were treated by braces. Materials and methods: Periostometry (device «Periotest») of teeth to 30 patients who are from 14 to 27 years old with the pathology of the first type based Angle's classification. The evaluation of teeth loosening was done before OT, in 1 month, in 3 months and in 6 months. Results: The average index of teeth loosening before OT in patients included 3,08±1,29, so it corresponded to norm indices. In 1 month after braces fixation indices of tooth loosening were increased. Middle index of teeth loosening on the third month of OT was 5 , 8 4 ± 0 , 7 7 relative units, that in 1,9 times more than periostometric indices before OT. Conclusions: Changes of teeth loosening during OT by braces during the first month after fixation. It should be noted that during the first month of OT data of periostometry determine the enlargement of teeth loosening of all teeth in 1,38, in 3 months there is decrease of teeth loosening for all types of teeth. On the 6'h month of OT indices of teeth loosening continue decreasing but with lesser intensity and not achieve such level which was to the beginning of OT.
Keywords: orthodontic treatment
ISSN: 0043-5147
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