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Title: Developing the Professional Competence of Future Doctors in the Instructional Setting of Higher Medical Educational Institutions
Authors: Мороховець, Галина Юріївна
Мороховец, Галина Юрьевна
Morokhovets, H. Yu.
Лисанець, Юлія Валеріївна
Лисанец, Юлия Валериевна
Lysanets, Yu. V.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Wydawnictwo ALUNA, Polska
Citation: Morokhovets H. Yu. Developing the Professional Competence of Future Doctors in the Instructional Setting of Higher Medical Educational Institutions / H. Yu. Morokhovets, Yu. V. Lysanets // Wiadomości Lekarskie. − 2017. − Tom LXX. − Nr 1. − P. 101–104.
Abstract: Background. The main objectives of higher medical education are continuous professional improvement of physicians to meet the needs dictated by the modern world both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In this respect, the system of higher medical education has undergone certain changes − from determining the range of professional competences to the adoption of new standards of education in medicine. Aim. The article aims to analyze the parameters of doctor’s professionalism in the context of competence-based approach and to develop practical recommendations for the improvement of instruction techniques. Materials and methods. The authors reviewed the psycho-pedagogical materials and summarized the acquired experience of teachers at higher medical institutions as to the development of instruction techniques in the modern educational process. The study is based on the results of testing via the technique developed by T.I. Ilyina. Analytical and biblio-semantic methods were used in the paper. Results. It has been found that the training process at medical educational institution should be focused on the learning outcomes. The authors defined the quality parameters of doctors’ training and suggested the model for developing the professional competence of medical students. This model explains the cause-and-effect relationships between the forms of instruction, teaching techniques and specific components of professional competence in future doctors. Conclusions. The paper provides practical recommendations on developing the core competencies which a qualified doctor should master. The analysis of existing interactive media in Ukraine and abroad has been performed. It has been found that teaching the core disciplines with the use of latest technologies and interactive means keeps abreast of the times, while teaching social studies and humanities to medical students still involves certain difficulties.
Keywords: competence
professional competence
competence-based approach
future doctors
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