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dc.contributor.authorРябушко, Олена Борисівна-
dc.contributor.authorРябушко, Елена Борисовна-
dc.contributor.authorRyabushko, O.-
dc.identifier.citationБудова стінки жовчного міхура риб зі змішаним типом харчування / С. І. Дубінін, О. Б. Рябушко, Н. А. Улановська-Циба, Н. О. Передерій // Актуальні проблеми сучасної медицини: Вісник Української медичної стоматологічної академії. – 2014. – Т. 14, Вип. 2 (46). – С. 121–123.uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherУДК 611.36+591.436-
dc.description.abstractВ роботі вивчалися особливості будови стінки жовчного міхура домашніх курей у порівняльно-анатомічному аспекті, що зможе допомогти у вирішенні проблеми профілактики виникнення жовчнокам’яної хвороби та ефективного лікування запальних процесів в органах гепатобіліарної системи. Таким чином, структурне різноманіття будови стінки жовчного міхура, без сумнівів, можна пояснити зміною функціональних проявів елементів стінки жовчного міхура; В работе изучали особенности строения стенки желчного пузыря домашних курей в сравнительно-анатомическом аспекте, что сможет помочь в решении проблемы профилактики возникновения желчекаменной болезни и эффективного лечения воспалительных процессов в органах гепатобилиарной системы. Структурное многообразие строения стенки желчного пузыря, без сомнений, можно объяснить изменением функциональных проявлений элементов стенки желчного пузиря; The structural features of the domestic chicken gallbladder walls in comparative anatomical aspect have been studied. This work can help to solve the problems of prevention of gallstone diseases and effective treatment of inflammatory processes in the hepatobiliary system. Structural diversity of the gallbladder wall structure, no doubt, can be explained by changes of the functional manifestations of the gallbladder wall elements. The inner (mucous) membrane is presented by a complex of fibrous structures which form the relief of the gallbladder wall. Sometimes, in the membrane or beneath it, there are well-defined and different-sized lymph follicles. They often have a round shape and surrounded by a tightened membrane. The outer surface of the mucosa contains various protrusions and resemble villi of the intestinal wall. There are quite large protrusion with big size, both in width and in height can be seen among the narrow, hair-pin-shaped protrusion. The outer membrane of the wall consists of thin eosinophilic fibers which tightly placed to each other and create the effect of a single thickened collagen fibers. But separations of the membrane into fibrous structures with different diameter more often observed. Middle wall membrane in some histologically expressed places is constructed from the small clusters of thin elastic fibers. These fibers are very rarefied so the membrane looks very bright in section. The wall of the gallbladder neck is a continuation of the wall of gallbladder body. They have a similar structure. But during approaching of the narrowed part of the gallbladder neck some features can be noticed. First of all, these features are found in the inner surface of the relief. On the inner surface, besides the already known broad triangular villi, some new, very high hair-pin-shaped protrusion have appeared. The numerous processes are located along the villus makes it look like a fir-tree on histological samples. Especially this similarity is observed in the presence of surface epithelium. Skeleton of villi is built of thin eosin fibers with different-sized spaces between them. The small thin-walled vessels are created the villi skeleton. Some of these vessels have a transverse direction relative to the villus section, while others pass from the top to the base of villi. An increase in the diameter of vascular formations in the region at the bases of the villi are clearly defined. Further, these vascular elements continue thickening to the middle membrane of neck wall which gives fluffy consistency to the membrane. In some cases it is possible to observe the presence of similar villous structures located on the opposite walls of the gallbladder that causes narrowing of the neck. It is looks like folds in the constricted neck of the gallbladder wall. The structure of the gallbladder wall of chicken is very different in comparison to other animals that have been scientifically studied. Firstly, the gallbladder wall looks more compact in all areas. Villous mucosal protrusion constantly found in all parts of the wall, so there are permanent different structures. Secondly, the presence of more expressed muscle layer is observed in the gallbladder wall which consists of several layers of smooth muscle fibers with mostly longitudinal direction. But in some individual cases there are circularly arranged smooth muscle bundles of fibers are present. They form a structure similar to circular muscle. Similar muscle structures are located in the gall bladder bottom of some animals. The presence of such structures expresses individual functional contractile features of the bottom wall of the chicken gallbladder. In addition, unlike the fish gallbladder, the presence of lymphoid follicles in the gallbladder wall of chicken can be observed. These follicles look like spherical shape formations on histological preparations, which consist of a mass of lymphocytes surrounded by weakly expressed capsule.uk_UA
dc.publisherВищий державний навчальний заклад України «Українська медична стоматологічна академія»uk_UA
dc.subjectжовчний міхурuk_UA
dc.subjectміхурова протокаuk_UA
dc.subjectжовчно-кам’яна хворобаuk_UA
dc.subjectжелчный пузырьuk_UA
dc.subjectпузырный протокuk_UA
dc.subjectжелчно - каменная болезньuk_UA
dc.subjectgall bladderuk_UA
dc.subjectcystic ductuk_UA
dc.titleСтруктурна організація відділів стінки жовчного міхура птахів зі змішаним типом харчуванняuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeСтруктурная организация отделов стенки желчного пузыря птиц со смешаным типом питанияuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeStructural organization of gallbladder wall’s segments of birds with mixed type of fooduk_UA
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