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Title: Сучасний погляд на морфологічні аспекти контактного карієсу
Other Titles: Современный взгляд на морфологические аспекты контактного кариеса
A modern look at the morphological aspects of contact caries
Authors: Бойко, Ігор Васильович
Костиленко, Юрій Петрович
Аветіков, Давид Соломонович
Степанчук, Алла Петрівна
Талаш, Роман Валентинович
Бойко, Игорь Васильевич
Костиленко, Юрий Петрович
Аветиков, Давид Соломонович
Степанчук, Алла Петровна
Талаш, Роман Валентинович
Boiko, I. М.
Kostilenko, Yu. P.
Avetikov, D. S.
Stepanchuk, A. P.
Talash, R. V.
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: RS Global Sp.z O.O., Research and Scientific Group Warsaw, Poland
Citation: Сучасний погляд на морфологічні аспекти контактного карієсу / І. В. Бойко, Ю. П. Костиленко, Д. С Аветіков. [та ін.] // VI International Scientific and Practical Conference International Trends in Science and Technology (Vol.4, September 30, 2018, Warsaw, Poland) : Confer. mater. (Vol. 4) – Warsaw, 2018. – С. 27–30.
Abstract: Abstract. In computer tomography, the caries is visualized in the form of a hidden under the enamel of the defect, the pathomorphological data of which are absent in the literature. Study of epoxy resins of upper premolars affected by contact caries has allowed to establish that within the external, weakly expressed, damage to the approximative surface of the tooth crown is maintained on the entire thickness of the destructive enamel site, which in the form of a plug closes the carious cavity, the bottom of which is the surface layer of dentin, which is typical for middle caries. In this case, the damage zone of the enamel is projected in relation to the pulp camera with a beam-like heavy displaced dentin, the structure of which displays the fan-radial orientation of destructive dentinal tubules, known in the literature called "dead tracts." That is why, in contact middle caries, the carious cavity, as such, is in fact absent. The visibility of this in computed tomography is due to the fact that carrional alteration of dentin is accompanied by demineralization and its loosening, resulting in a significant decrease in its total density.
Keywords: caries contact
computer tomography
контактный кариес
компьютерная томография
контактний карієс
компьютерна томографія
ISBN: 978-83-950180-8-4
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