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Title: Структурно-функциональные единицы слюнной и слезной желез
Other Titles: Structural-functional units of the salivary and lacrimal glands
Структурно-функціональні одиниці слинної і слізної залоз
Authors: Костиленко, Юрий Петрович
Костиленко, Юрій Петрович
Kostilenko, Yu. P.
Мыслюк, Илья Васильевич
Мислюк, Ілля Васильович
Девяткин, Евгений Александрович
Дев'яткін, Євген Олександрович
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: АМН СССР, Всесоюзное научное общество анатомов, гистологов, эмбриологов, издательство "Медицина", Ленинградское отделение
Citation: Костиленко Ю. П. Структурно-функциональные единицы слюнной и слезной желез / Ю. П. Костиленко // Архив анатомии, гистологии и эмбриологии. – 1984. –Т. XCI (91), № 9. – С. 80–86.
Abstract: By means of the multilayer graphic and plastic reconstruction methods using series of semithin sections, spatial tridimentional organization of the epithelial complexes and blood microcirculatory bed in the rat palatile salivary glands and the lacrimal gland of the human newborn have been studied. Since their ducts surve not only for discharging their secrete into the external medium, but also for accumulation (as collectors), the sublobular unit — adenomere should be refered to as a part of elementary level of organization of the epithelial complexes. The adenomere has in its composition a collecting centrally situating duct. However, while studying structure of the blood microcirculatory bed, it is found out that there is not any strict territorial correspondence between its functional units and structural units of the glandular epithelium. Nevertheless, giving a great importance to a tight sintopic connection of the collecting ducts of the adenomeres with the postcapillary venules (that belong to filt- rative microvessels), these are sublobular units — adenomeres that are distinguished as structural-functional units in the glands.
ISSN: 0004-1947 (Print)
1026-3543 (Print)
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