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Title: Stress components for the current foreign students receiving their education in Ukraine and some pathways to help them
Authors: Tkachenko, O. V.
Ткаченко, Олена Вікторівна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Харківський національний медичний університет
Citation: Tkachenko O. V. Stress components for the current foreign students receiving their education in Ukraine and some pathways to help them / O. V. Tkachenko // Сучаснi концепцiï викладання природничих дисциплін в медичних освiтнiх закладах : матерiали XV Мiжнар. наук.-метод. iнтернет-конф., 15–16 листопада 2022 р. – Харків : ХНМУ. – С. 105–106.
Abstract: The authors paid attention to some acculturation peculiarities in the foreign students while discussing the stress’ reasons and contributive factors in them such as remote education, time differences, language barriers, little velocity of writing, difficult reading the text on the board written with one chalk, with the letters united, little by size, adapted materials insufficiency creating with essentiality to use “pure Internet” as well as improper attitudes from the teachers with their desire only to control without oral explanation, orienting to the student, his/her internal world, individual peculiarities and possible problems. It was emphasized to essentiality to participate in active preventing and liquidating the acculturative stress and shock in the foreign applicants from the side of all the teachers in these academic groups, curators, psychologists, dean-office staff and additional services as well as striving to reach the Student-centered education, but not the teacher-centered one. Some pathways of acculturative stress and shock preventing are discussed for example to give the materials before the lesson/s, to leave the place for translation into the language/s they know well/better, to allow writing the concepts in the languages they know well/better both at the lessons and at home.
Keywords: stress
stress acute
stress sthenic
stress chronic
stress asthenic
acculturative stress
remote education
remote learning
non-remote education
non-remote learning
mixed education
mixed learning
foreign students
foreign applicants
domestic students
domestic applicants
time differences
language barriers
little velocity of writing
difficult reading
educating mean
adapted educative materials
non-adapted educative materials
Student-centered education
teacher-centered education
cross-cultural experience
trans-cultural adjustment
acculturative shock
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