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Title: Rational appeal techniques in dentistry commercial advertisement (dentists as consumers)
Authors: Kostenko, V. H.
Znamenska, I. V.
Костенко, Вікторія Геннадіївна
Знаменська, Іванна Владиславівна
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Polonia University in Czestochowa
Citation: Kostenko V. Rational appeal techniques in dentistry commercial advertisement (dentists as consumers) / V. Kostenko, I. Znamenska // The interaction of journalism, advertising and PR in the modern media space : International scientific conference : conference proceedings, October 12–13, 2022, Częstochowa, Republic of Poland. – Częstochowa : Baltija Publishing, 2022. – P. 23–26.
Abstract: Given the fact that professional communication is becoming more critical in social interaction worldwide than ever before, professional discourse has been recently put in the focus of global interdisciplinary research generating considerable interest in applied linguistics, discourse studies, sociology, psychology, marketing and information systems. Medical and healthcare discourse encompasses a ramified system of genres for a wide variety of purposes within the areas of intra-professional, inter-professional, and doctor-lay person communication; and each genre reflects discourse community standards and conventions in a particular socio-cultural context.
UDC: 10.1016\j.jbusres.2005.03.011
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