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    The influence of chronic non–calculous cholecystitis on the course of coronary heart disease
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2020) Vovk, K. V.; Nikolenko, E. Y.; Alexandrova, N. K.; Sokruto, O. V.; Ovcharenko, L. K.; Вовк, К. В.; Ніколенко, Є. Я.; Александрова, Н. К.; Сокруто, О. В.; Овчаренко, Людмила Костянтинівна
    Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary ducts, particularly, chronic non–calculous cholecystitis is a common pathology of internal organs. In addition, with chronic non-calculous cholecystitis, a reflex disorder of the coronary blood circulation, metabolic and autoimmune dystrophic lesions of the myocardium and its conduction system, which can affect the contractile function and heart rhythm, are found. Significant prevalence of these two diseases, high level of work incapacity and disability determine the relevance of the problem of the combined course of these diseases. The purpose of the work was to determine the characteristics of the course of coronary heart disease with concomitant chronic non–calculous cholecystitis, taking into account the functional state of the cardiovascular system. The total of 88 patients who were on outpatient treatment was examined. The clinical course of stable effort angina of functional classes I and II with concomitant chronic non–calculous cholecystitis is characterized by more pronounced clinical manifestations of cardiac pathology, an increase in resistance to drug treatment, and a decrease in exercise tolerance. Coronary heart disease without hronic non–calculous cholecystitis occurs as an independent disease and is not accompanied by changes in the biliary system. Lipid peroxidation enhancement plays a role in increasing the clinical manifestation of coronary heart disease with concomitant inflammation of the gallbladder. Complication of the clinical course of coronary heart disease with simultaneous chronic non–calculous cholecystitis correlates with more pronounced atherogenic lipid metabolism, activation of lipid peroxidation processes and antioxidant protection deficiency in the blood, impaired hemostasis and inhibition of the heart contractile function. Chronic non-calculous cholecystitis significantly complicates the course of coronary artery disease with stable angina of functional classes I–II: more pronounced changes in the lipid spectrum, indicating the rapid development of atherosclerosis, combination of pain in the heart and right hypochondrium, severe dyspeptic syndrome.
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    The analysis of the change in ghrelin level in patients with different forms of parkinson’s disease
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2020) Tarianyk, K. А; Kaidashev, I. P.; Shlykova, O. A.; Izmailova, O. V.; Таряник, Катерина Анатоліївна; Кайдашев, Ігор Петрович; Шликова, Оксана Анатоліївна; Ізмайлова, Ольга Віталіївна
    The aim of our study was to analyze diurnal fluctuations in hunger hormone level in patients with akinetic-rigid and mixed forms of Parkinson’s disease. The clinical studies have confirmed changes in the ghrelin level with a tendency to increase in the evening in patients of the control group and insignificant diurnal fluctuations in the level of ghrelin in patients with Parkinson’s disease with a tendency to decrease. It has been revealed that in patients with mixed form of the disease, the ghrelin level is lower compared to controls. The human circadian system regulates hunger independently of behavioral factors. There is a large endogenous circadian rhythm of hunger, with a peak in biological evening and a minimum in biological morning. However, the neuroendocrine mechanisms by which the circadian system regulates hunger and appetite remain unclear. Ghrelin, a peptide secreted primarily by the stomach, is the only known circulating orexigenic hormone and a key element in a complex energy balance signaling network. The authors insist thatfurther clinical research is needed to determine the relationship between the intake of antiparkinsonian drugs and the ghrelin level, whichcan significantly improve the clinical course of this disease
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    Influence of prolonged central deprivation of testosterone synthesis on production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and morphological structure of rat testes
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Stetsuk, Ye. V.; Akimov, O. Ye.; Shepitko, V. І.; Goltsev, A. М.; Стецук, Євген Валерійович; Акімов, Олег Євгенович; Шепітько, Володимир Іванович; Гольцев, Анатолій Миколайович
    Some testicular diseases require long-term use of testosterone synthesis blockers. It is known that testosterone is a necessary component for the physiological cooperation of cell forms of the stroma and parenchyma of testes. The scientific literature contains a limited amount of data about the effect of long-term deprivation of testosterone synthesis on this cooperation. The aim of our study was to establish the effect of long-term (365 days) inhibition of hypothalamic-pituitary stimulation of spermatogenesis on morphological and biochemical parameters in rat testes. Central deprivation of testosterone synthesis leads to fibrosis with subsequent disruption of the structural organization of the convoluted seminiferous tubules, hemodynamic disorders, endothelial dysfunction, increased density of blood vessel walls and systemic congestion. A decrease in the activity of constitutive NO synthase isoforms plays a major role in the development of structural changes in the testes of rats.
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    Morphofunctional characteristics of hemomicrocirculatory bed’s vessels of the pancreas in rats and at central deprivation of testosterone synthesis
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Борута, Наталія Володимирівна; Борута, Наталия Владимировна; Boruta, N. V.
    In an experimental study of vessels of the hemomicrocirculatory bed of the exocrine pancreas in rats, it was found that the microvessels responded to the introduction of diferelin by persistent dilatation of arterioles during the first month of the experiment by 4.12% compared to the intact group of animals. The exchange component responded by increasing its average diameters, increasing its lumen by 1.93% compared to the intact animal group. The vessel capacity of the pancreas’ hemomicrocirculatory bed during the first month of the study responded with enlargement, increasing its lumens by 2.46% compared to the intact group of animals. The numbers recovery of the average diameters of microvessels with the introduction of tryptorelin embonate was not observed until the end of the experiment.
  • Документ
    Electro-photonic emission analysis and hardware-software recording of heart rate variability during an objective structured clinical examination
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020-12) Nevoit, G. V.; Potiazhenko, М. М.; Mintser, О. P.; Babintseva, L. Yu.; Невойт, Ганна Володимирівна; Потяженко, Максим Макарович; Мінцер, Озар Петрович; Бабінцева, Лариса Юріївна; Невойт, Анна Владимировна; Потяженко, Максим Макарович; Минцер, Озар Петрович; Бабинцева, Лариса Юрьевна
    Practical issues of studying the role of electromagnetic phenomena of cardiac activity and tissues of the human body in the diagnosis of the functional state of the human body are presented in the article. The purpose of the publication is to determine the clinical diagnostic potential and feasibility of using computerized techniques for a short recording of Heart Rate Variability and Electro-Photonic Emission Analysis as part of the instrumental component of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination in the clinic of Internal Medicine. The results of the examination of functionally healthy people and compensated patients with Noncommunicable Diseases are presented in the article.
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    Dynamics of expression of carbohydrate determinants of mannosespecific lectins in the mucous membrane of the rat attached gingiva in chronic ethanol intoxication
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Sheshukova, O. V.; Kazakova, K. S.; Yeroshenko, G. A.; Trufanova, V. P.; Polishchuk, T. V.; Shevchenko, K. V.; Solod, A. V.; Шешукова, Ольга Вікторівна; Казакова, Катерина Станіславівна; Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна; Труфанова, Валентина Петрівна; Поліщук, Тетяна Вікторівна; Шевченко, Костянтин Васильович; Солод, Анатолій Вікторович
    The study found that concanavalin A lectin is specific to the horny scales of the mucous membrane of the attached part of the gums. On day 5 and day 12 of the experiment the ethanol effect showed weakening of the intensity of marking on the keratinocytes, which was morphologically manifested by the phenomena of hyperkeratosis. The expression of receptors on fibroblasts and collagen fibers to the resident structural components of the lamina propria was reduced at all times of observation. The mast cells were characterized by an increase in degree on day 5 and day 12 of the experiment.
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    Cardiogenesis changes after the plumbic acetate impact in rats under the correction conditions in the experiment
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Shatornaya, V. F.; Nefyodova, O. O.; Nefyodov, O. O.; Kolosova, I. I.; Major, V. V.; Kuznetsova, O. V.; Demidenko, Yu. V.; Yeroshenko, G. A.; Шаторна, В. Ф.; Нефьодова, О. О.; Нефьодов, О. О.; Колосова, І. І.; Майор, В. В.; Кузнєцова, О. В.; Демиденко, Ю. В.; Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна
    The purpose of the study was to determine the morphogenetic patterns of forming the effects of isolated plumbic acetate impact and the combined action of plumbic acetate with metal citrates on the development of the rat embryo’s heart in the experiment. With isolated plumbic acetate administering to pregnant females in a dose of 0.05 mg/kg, the thickness reduction of the compact myocardium, walls of the right and the left ventricles in the embryo’s heart occurs. The most sensitive to the plumbic acetate impact is the heart right ventricle wall, where not only the compact myocardium thinning, but also the increased number and diameter of the functioning vessels are observed. The combined administration of plumbic acetate with the gold citrate solution (or iron citrate/silver citrate) prevents the negative effect of plumbic acetate on the overall course of cardiogenesis in rat embryos under the experimental conditions and indicates their bioanagonism.
  • Документ
    Morphoclinical aspects of the clinical course of atopic cheilitis
    (Світ медицини та біології, 2020) Hasiuk, N. V.; Yeroshenko, G. A.; Mochalov, I. O.; Klitynska, O. V.; Pogoretska, Kh. V.; Gorbachevskiy, I. Ya.; Гасюк, Наталія Володимирівна; Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна; Мочалов, Юрій Олександрович; Клітинська, Оксана Василівна; Погорецька, Х. В.
    The paper presents some clinical and morphological features and aspects of the clinical course of atopic cheilitis. The findings of comprehensive observations proved that clinical course of the disease have an impact on the nature of changes in the cellular composition of the vermilion border. The comprehensive analysis of the cytograms enables considering atopic cheilitis in the examined cohort, in the absence of adequate therapy, as a continuous self-destructive process. Its components (inflammatory-infiltrative and destructive) can regress under the influence of effective treatment and reactivate when the process is exacerbated under the influence of provoking factors, namely neurogenic and sensitizing. The findings of the study indicate the pathogenetic significance of destructive changes in epitheliocytes and violation of colonization resistance to the clinical course of atopic cheilitis.