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    Changes in the english medical terminology: teaching up-to date medical vocabulary to prospective medical workers
    (Prague, Czech Republic, 2024-05-27) Horzhui, Dmytro; Горжуй, Дмитро Сергійович
    The journey of medical terminology over the centuries is a fascinating reflection of the evolution of medicine itself. Originating from Greek and Latin, the roots of medical vocabulary are deeply entrenched in history, showcasing over 2,500 years of development [1]. This historical depth underscores the complexity and richness of the language used by healthcare professionals today. Greek and Latin, being classical languages, have provided a stable foundation for medical terms. However, the inherent adaptability and ongoing changes in the English language have introduced a dynamic aspect to medical vocabulary, ensuring it evolves in response to new discoveries and societal shifts [1]. The historical perspective on medical vocabulary not only highlights its classical origins but also sets the stage for understanding how and why it continues to change.