The issue of histological identification of M-cells in the peyer’s patches of albino rat small intestine


The aim: Based on the above cytological signs of M-cells, we set the goal of more detailed clarification of some of their topological relationships with other enterocytes in the follicle-associated epithelium of Peyer’s patches of albino rat small intestine. Materials and methods: 10 mature albino male rats weighted 200,0±20,0 g were involved into the study. Anatomical dissection with the sampling of the sections of the small intestine containing Peyer’s patches was carried out with subsequent embedment of the latter into paraffin blocks and making of serial histological sections of 4 μm thick in the cross-section of the small intestine, followed with hematoxylin-eosin staining. The specimens were studied and documented on the “Konus” light microscope equipped. Morphometric characteristics of the specimen tissue structures were studied using the Sigeta X 1 mm/100 Div.x0.01mm stage micrometer. Results: The findings of the study revealed enterocytes with phagocytic properties found in the lymphoid-associated epithelium of Peyer’s patches of the small intestine of albino rats. Moreover, if they are clearly visualized at the light-optical level, then M-cells are poorly recognizable, which is consistent with a similar assessment made by other authors. Conclusions: Given this, the issue on the topology and functional purpose of M-cells remains uncertain to date and, thereby, the prospect of further research is being outlined, which, in our opinion, can be successful using the method of stereomorphological analysis. For this purpose, multilayer plastic reconstruction methods can be used for serial semi-thin sections of Peyer’s patches embedded in epoxy resin, according to the requirements of transmission electron microscopy.


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lymphoid-associated epithelium, Peyer’s patches, small intestine, albino rats, M-cells, phagocytic enterocytes

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The issue of histological identification of М-cells in the peyer’s patches of albino rat small intestine / V. Hryn, Y. Kostylenko, N. Svintsytska, V. Bilash, V. Lytovka // Wiadomości Lekarskie. – 2022. – Vol. LXXV, issue 5, part 2. – P. 1309–1312.