To the question concerning to modern education some principles and peculiarities


The article s dedicated to modern education some principles. The authors distinguish following: inclusive character based on humanism and reflectiveness, id est education maximal individualization; early professiogenesis with theory and practice uniting beginning from the 2 nd course to the dental students; attention to the topics studies actuality, to representation about the organism as a highly-integrated and properly- regulated system at all levels of alive matter organization and one big defensive system and its separate links.


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To the question concerning to modern education some principles and peculiarities / E. V. Tkachenko, A. P. Pavlenko, N. N. Fedotenkova, N. N. Sharlay, J. K. Al Shbail // Proceedings of the XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference, Ankara, Turkey, May 02-05, 2023. – Ankara : International Science Group, 2023. – P. 204–207.