Окисна модифікація білків сироватки крові за умов моделювання вирізаної площинної рани у щурів

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Досліджєно продукти втьнорадикального окиснення 6ілків у сироватці крові щурів за умов вирізаної площинної рани, та при застосуванні фармакологічної композиції на основі меланіну. Дана патологія супроводжується посиленням окиснювальної модифікації білків (підвищенням рівня продуктів нейтрального та основного характеру). Застосування фармакологічної композиції на основі меланіну призводило до зниження ступеня окисної модифікації білкових молекул.
Исследованы продукты свободнорадикального окисления белков в сыворотке крови крыс в условиях вырезанной плоскостной раны, и при применении фармакологической композиции на основе меланина. Данная патология сопровождается усилением окислительной модификации белков (повышением уровня продуктов нейтрального и основного характера). Применение фармакологической композиции на основе меланина приводит к снижению степени окислительной модификации белковых молекул.
Wound healing is a complex and dynamic process of replacing devitalized and missing cellular structures and tissue layers. We have previously shown that melanin, producer of which is the Antarctic black yeast fungi Pseudonadsoniella brunea (Nadsoniella nigra sp. X-1), sown with samples of vertical cliffs of the island Galindez (Ukrainian Antarctic Station “Akademik Vernadsky”) has expressed cytoprotective effect, promoted rapid wound healing of various ethiology and can be offered as a new dermatropic drug. We have created a new pharmacological composition which includes 0.1% melanin, dissolved in 0.5% Carbopol. Objective. The aim of the study was to study the effect of the pharmacological composition on the oxidative modification of proteins in the serum during full-thickness skin wound healing without treatment and with application of new pharmaceutical composition based on melanin for rats with experimental wounds. Methods. Experiments conducted in accordance with international principles of the European Convention for the Protection of vertebrate animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, according to the Law of Ukraine of 21.02.2006 № 3447-IV «On protection of animals from cruelty». Research was conducted on white laboratory female rats weighing 200-250 g, which were divided into four groups. In each model animals experimental skin wounds without drugs were used as a control (first group). Wounds of rats of second group were treated only with 0,5 % carbopol (universal solvent drugs to make them gel-like consistency, Carbopol 980”). Animals of third group got 0,1% melanin (produced by Antarctic black yeastlike fungi Nadsoniella nigra, strain X1-M,and received by us microbiologically) dissolved in 0,5% carbopol for wounds’ healing. Animals of fourth group without experimental skin wounds were used as a intact animals. Before the experiment, the rats were kept in quarantine and were marked by given them notches on ears. When animas were injured they were anesthetized by sodium thiopental (BiochemieGmbH/Austria), at a dosage of 50 mg/kg. Before the experiment epilation was performed in the shoulder-blade area. Model of full-thickness skin wound. Plate wounds are reproduced on epilated skin in anesthetized rats. To do this, skin is cut using surgical scalpel and forceps, 1 4 1sm2. Treatment begins immediately after wounds reproduction until healing. Statistical processing of experimental results was carried out in “Statistica 10 (StatSoft, Inc.). Type of data distribution in groups was checked with Shapiro-Wilk test. As data were distributed normally (p > 0,05), two-way ANOVA was conducted to determine the significance of difference between means with Bonferroni post test. Difference between means was judged as statistically significant if p < 0,05. Mean and standard deviation (SD) were calculated for each group. Results. This pathology is accompanied by an increase in the oxidative modification of proteins (an increase in the level of products of a neutral and basic nature). The use of melanin-based pharmacological composition leads to a decrease in the degree of oxidative modification of protein molecules.


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Окисна модифікація білків сироватки крові за умов моделювання вирізаної площинної рани у щурів / О. В. Табурець, К. О. Дворщенко, В. В. Верещака [та ін.] // Вісник проблем біології і медицини. – 2017. – Вип. 3, т. 1 (137). – С. 219–223.