Teratomal neoplasms of the pericard: the problem and realities (clinical case)


The article presents a difficult-to-diagnose clinical case of progressive growth of two intrapericardial dermoid cysts in a 42-year-old man, diagnosed only 6 months after acute transdermal poisoning with lithium salts (Litol 24), which the patient, on his own initiative, used locally for the treatment of existing psoriasis. The peculiarity of this clinical case lies in the fact that, due to the extremely rare occurrence of intrapericardial dermoid cysts, their presence was perceived by doctors as hydropericardium. Therefore, untimely diagnosis of the cause of compression syndrome created a threat of tamponade of the patient's heart. At the same time, surgical treatment not only improved the patient's condition and quality of life, but also relieved him of skin rashes on his body. This clinical case can supplement the global statistical indicators of the diagnosis of these neoplasms of the pericardium with the successful treatment of the patient.


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pericardial teratoma neoplasms, intrapericardial teratomas, pericardial dermoid cysts, lithium

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Teratomal neoplasms of the pericard: the problem and realities (clinical case) / V. V. Talash, I. P. Katerenchuk, Iu. A. Kostrikova, T. I. Yarmola, G. L. Pustovoit, L. A. Tkachenko // Georgian medical news. – 2023. – Vol. 335, № 1. – P. 129–136.