Management and characteristics of pregnancy and delivery with genital prolapse

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Pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the most pressing issues in the health and quality of life of women. Pelvic prolapse occurs in 30-50% of women who have given birth. And although this pathology is not life-threatening, it significantly complicates a woman's normal life. Genital prolapse (GP) occurs due to lack of pelvic floor support function. It should be noted that the structures of the pelvic diaphragm are under the influence of dynamic load, resulting in easy rupture of ligaments. However, today it is known that not only mechanical damage is the cause of pelvic organ failure. Many studies have shown that in women with prolapse, the concentration of collagen is reduced or its defective forms are detected, due, in particular, to metabolic disorders and the ratio of ionized forms of magnesium and calcium in the direction of the latter. The article presents modern literature data on the peculiarities of pregnancy and childbirth of women with genital prolapse. An example is a clinical case of a pregnant woman with this complication. A clinical case with grade III GP and manadgment using obstetric perforated pessary, magnesium and progesterone and proved the possibility of vaginal delivery in this pathology.


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genital prolapse, cervical prolapse, pregnancy, childbirth, obstetric perforated pessary, prevention, treatment, childbirth

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Management and characteristics of pregnancy and delivery with genital prolapse / I. A. Zhabchenko, O. V. Trokhymovych, O. M. Bondarenko, N. V. Gerevich // International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research Studies. – 2023. – № 2. – С. 229–231.